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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Make money with Wordpress

How to make money with WordPress Blog. Complete Guide

Everyone these days owns a “blog”. It might be on food, design, religion, motivation. Technically, Anything. And so, it gives you the power to sell “anything”. You need the right audience, and the right thing to sell. Making money with a WordPress blog is easy,

Best premium WordPress Themes

10 Best Free Premium WordPress Themes.

Best WordPress Themes consist of a number of elements right? I mean, they are the “best” aren’t they? Before choosing a theme or template for your blog, what are the key concerns that strike up your mind? Is the theme FREE? Will it be good

Setting up Wordpress blog

How web page speed test affects rankings.

Web page speed test is what you need to perform on your blog right now. Why? Well, because it has been a matter of debate since long if site speed does affect your search ranking or not, and if it does, How? As I repeat