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Affiliate & Email Marketing : Complete Beginner’s Ultimate guide.

Beginner's guide to Email & Affiliate Marketing

So you are curious about Email Marketing? Read success stories of guys like Neil Patel or Matthew Woodward and just want to dive into it, right? Or, you might have heard a lot of buzz about Email Marketing being Dead. Well let me tell you, it isn’t !

This is probably the longest, and most detailed step by step guide to Email & affiliate Marketing you’ll ever read, so I want to make sure you aren’t wasting your time.

Read this post only if:-

  • You don’t know What Email Marketing is.
  • You know what Email marketing is, but don’t know how to get it to work.
  • You don’t know how to setup Optinmonster.
  • Or, you aren’t able to integrate it with Aweber, mailchimp or any other email client.
  • You don’t know the leadpage anatomy, and what should it look like for high conversion ratios.
  • You don’t know what leadpages are.
  • You don’t know how to create leadpages.
  • You have never heard about WpProfitbuilder.
  • You don’t know how to integrate it with any email client.
  • You don’t know what Jvzoo is.
  • Or you aren’t able to find products that actually make a good sum of money for you.
  • And most importantly, only if you’re a total newbie and have never made even $100 with affiliate marketing.

If you fit the above description, you’ve landed on the right runway.

If you ask Google, What Email Marketing Is? You’ll get an answer along the following lines

Email marketing is the process of directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.

According to Neil Patel, Email Marketing is has better outcome as compared to Social media marketing, or Direct ads.

Updated-- 06 July, 2017 (1)

So if you still aren’t motivated to start building your Email list right now, or not interested in geting a sneak peek into how you can leverage a fat wallet just from your Email subscribers, you can stop reading, ( But do make sure you subscribe to us ! ).

So well Before you can expand your email list, let’s talk about how to build one first.

What I’ll be covering:-

The below listed concepts are the key-concepts which are covered in extreme depth in this article:-

  • Popups, The Introduction.
  • Targeted PopUps
  • “I am an Idiot” theory.
  • What is OptinMonster and how to set it up.
  • What is Aweber and Why you need it.
  • How to Integrate Aweber with OptinMonster.
  • What are leadpages.
  • How Important are Lead Pages.
  • Aspects of high Converting Landing pages.
  • Lead Page elements breakdown.
  • How to create Lead Pages
  • What is WpProfitBuilder & How to create a leadpage with it.
  • Integrating your Lead page with Aweber & MailChimp.
  • Jvzoo |An Introduction.
  • How to find most profitable products on Jvzoo.
  • Conclusion.

PopUps | The Introduction

Doesn’t matter if you’re not a big fan of them, they still work !

How you Optimize, Design and Use them is what makes all the difference. And there’s an extensive list of Email Optin plugins too, so how will you ever decide which one to go with? Well that’s exactly why I’m writing this post, right?

There are lot’s of versions of popups, the normal ones that just popup, the sliders that slide from the top and cover the whole page, and just like that.

For eg. here’s how Brian Dean installed this beautifully crafted, small , short and simple PopUp on his blog,


And started generating roughly 75 subscribers per day.


You don’t have a PopUp Yet? Well here’s what happened to Chris Penn’s blog when he removed his email popup


So technically the point is, Popups Work ! But not just any popup, what kind exactly? Well that’s what this post is about.

Targeted Popups:-

Everyone is running popups, and that’s why it’s hated so much.

As soon as someone arrives at your site, and a popup comes around it’s actually annoying, then how come others are making thousands of $ from their email lists?

Well, because they know their poups well, one proven strategy to generate more subscribers from your popups is targeted content.

Didn’t get my point? Let me explain it to you,

Targeted Email Generation is like customizing your popup in such a way, that it gives your users exactly what they are searching for.

Still confused? Have a look at this:-

See? Neil Patel uses an in-text link, to drive people to a subscribing page, where they can get a Cheat-Sheet. Whats so special?


What’s special is, it’s an article on Email Marketing, so the people definately are interested in Email Marketing, so offering a cheet sheet specifically on Email marketing is definitely a much better and in-demand  product then offering a pop up saying :- Please subscribe for future updates. Right?

I mean, the people might not be interested in “future updates”, but a guy reading email marketing, is 200% interested in Email marketing, simple. So offer him something related to “email marketing” on that specific post.

What is a YelloBox and How to create one?

The screenshot of Neil’s targeted email grabbing strategy shows you what a yellow box is right?

It’s a Yellow Box with your email marketing popup or leads page link.

Why Yellow?

To be honest, I don’t know. But everyone from Brian Dean to Neil Patel to Darren Rowse seems to be using them, and the colour yellow seems to be doing so awesome  so why shouldn’t we use them too? right?

The only problem is, you’re not a developer and you have no idea how to create a yellow page, well why am I here for?

Here’s a simple code, that will let you create your yellow box with ease. Add the below code to the functions.php file of your WordPress directory

function make_yellowbox($atts, $content = null) {
   return '<p style="background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #ff9; clear: both; margin-bottom: 18px; overflow: hidden; border: 1px solid #e5e597; padding: 13px;">' . do_shortcode($content) . '</p>';
add_shortcode('yellowbox', 'make_yellowbox');

And then use this below shortcode on your dashboard while writing new posts, to wrap any content in the yellow box:-

[yellowbox]Put your content here[/yellowbox]

Okay so by now you know that Targeted content works, and that you need to give away some kind of specified ebook, cheetsheet or anything, you atleast need to know which page is the best to give away your content right? I mean creating a targeted giveaway takes time, so in order to make sure you aren’t wasting your time, here’s something for you.

So just head over to your Google Analytic Account, click on Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages, and you’ll get a look at which of your page is having the highest of attention,


So, people are liking that page the most, right? Just go around and create a Targeted in-text giveaway for which you can grab the visitor’s email Id’s in return for this specific page.

Because people are already liking the content, and thus your conversion rate will surely be sky rocketed .

“I am an Idiot” theory:-

Well the thing about Email popups is, people can either click the subscribe button, or the close, right?

Why not change things up a bit ?

This strategy is just basically understanding human psychology.

It’s the tactic of using a third button, that would make the user sound like stupid to himself. Here’s a live example from BloggingCage, see?


This optin option is just not clickable right? I mean who in the world would click on “No thanks I’ve enough money!” ?

So Bottomline? Include a third option in the email popup, that would look and sound totally ridiculous and watch your subscriber rate go sky high.

So all of that sweet talk was fine, but how would you actually make this happen? Worry not, here’s a step by step guide for you:-

How to Setup Optinmonster:

Once you get OptinMonster, you’ll get it like a plugin in a .zip file. Just upload it to your dashboard like any other plugin.

Now from your sidebar, click on Optinmonster option, and click on Create new Optin button.


Now in the setup tab, choose the type of Optin you want, I’m choosing lightbox here.


Now You’ll be taken to the configure tab, well there just put in the values as per your interest. For eg. you can use any name in the Optintitle box, redirect options and stuff. Just leave them without touching if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

Okay so after setting  the Optin-title, now let’s  work on Integrating it with Mailchimp, my email client so that it can actually grab the emails and add it to your list.

On the same tab, in the Email Provider Settings section, select Mailchimp ,and  click on add new account ( remember this step, it’ll be needed in the section where I’ve covered integrating Optinmonster with Aweber ).


Now, it’s asking you for the MAILCHIMP API KEY right? Well let’s work on getting that, log in to your mailchimp account (Or create one if you haven’t done already, it’s free. ).

Now, have a look at the top-right section of the page, and you should see your name there, get your mouse there and a menu will come up, click on Account.


Now on this next screen, click on Extras >Api Key.


Now all you have to do is, click on Create key , and a unique key will be created for you. So create it, and copy it.


Now get back to your Optinmonster page, and paste the key in the Api key box, and put any custom name to it. And click on Save and Design .


So you’re set, not let’s work on the Designing, after all you’ve to make your visitors fall in love with the popup right?

So now you’d be redirected to the designs page, over there choose a layout and click on open Design customizer option.


Now, you’ll be taken to a nice interface, where you can technically customize every aspect of the design. So put your creativity to work.

And then when you’re done click on Save.

Okay so the next page will take you to the Output settings page.


I don’t own a Site, what about me?

OptinMonster is fine as long as you’ve a well established, or even atleast a blog, right? But what if you don’t own a blog? Is it a must for you to own a blog to hit a successful Affiliate marketing career?

No, definitely not, you can make a very successful marketing career online without having a site too. Well you’d still need to use some tools and pages and that’s exactly what I’m covering in this next section.

Now let’s integrate it with Aweber

OptinMonster is your bestfriend if you’re trying to grab emails, but ever thought that just grabbing the emails, and not sending them an welcome or thankyou e-mail is just the worst kind of marketing strategy ever invented?

You aren’t imagining of manually sending every Hey Pal, welcome to the site email right? Well OptinMonster will get you so many E-mails that it won’t even be practically possible for you to send them.

So what do you do?

You try to be friends with another good friend of OptinMonster, that’s aweber.

What is Aweber and Why do you need it:-

This is what will popup on Google search result if you google “Aweber“:-

AWeber is the best auto-responder / email marketing tool for any business. No matter what niche you are in, use autoresponder to keep good relationship with your customers, prospects and followers. Always remember, “Money is in the list”.

Now..Why do you need Aweber?

After a user has signed up for your product, cheat-sheet or whatever you are offering, you need to make sure couple things before the sign up will be of any value to you.

  • A Confirmation link is a must.
  • A Welcome Messege

Once a user gives you his email, you need to make sure he receives a confirmation link, through which he can confirm the subscription. What happens is, when people just sign up, and don’t receive a confirmation, they forget about your brand , so the next time you send them a post mail, or a product launch mail, it’s definitely going in their spam folder.

So it’s always better to get them to confirm the subscription. Infact it’s so important that RamitShethi has an actual timer so that people take the confirmation seriously.


So basically confirmation mail is important. And aweber is your best bet here to automate the task.

If you’re still doubting Aweber, all I can say is, leaders like Brian Dean are using it too ,and trust me they don’t use bullshit , so you won’t be wasting your time and money with Aweber.

Secondly, the Welcome mail.

Well, Brian Dean has the best welcome message template I’ve ever seen, and he generates atleast around 20% of his blog traffic only from the email message itself.


So we were talking about Aweber, right? You got the idea what it does? It almost automatically managed everything, from you getting the  user to confirm the subscription, to pitching hundreds of successful sales daily = thousands of dollars for you.

How to integrate Aweber with OptinMOnster:-

After you get optinmonster….

if you for some reasons don’t want to go with MailChimp, I’ve got a better solution for you, it’s paid, yes but….

If Brian Dean is using it…it’s definitely worth your time and money right?

So let’s work on getting it integrated with Aweber, don’t worry I’ve got a a step by step guide to cover it all. So okay you’ve installed OptinMonster, just click on the plugin, and keep moving till you’re on the integrations tab

Now move on to the integration tab.

On the next screen, you’ll be greeted with lot’s of options, choose Aweber option from among them.


In the above  screen, choose a name for the account label, this can be anything in random just for identification purpose.

After naming the label, click on “Registering Optinmonster with Aweber Account”. 

You’ll be taken to a screen , now just login using your aweber login details


On the next page you’d be getting an authorization link, and you should be able to copy it. And that’s exactly what you need to do.


So you’ve that code with you, right? Just paste it in the “auth code” which we ignored earlier, here’s a screenshot you can refer to


Now just click in Register OptinMonster with your Aweber Account again, and just select your list where you want those emails stored


You’re all done, click on Save & Design Optin to finalise it.

Now just see it in action, you already did when it popped up just couple minutes to you on this site.

Okay so now that you have your Email Optin up and running, there are couple things I’d like you to take care of:-

  • Don’t pop it up instantly when a visitor arrives.
  • The best strategy working right now is the exit intent popup, meaning pop it up only when a user leaves the site.
  • Or, get a time gap. For eg. it was found in a study that the best time to make a popup, pop up was after 10 seconds have been spent by the user on the site, so get this data to work.

Are Email Optin’s the only ways and the only definition of email marketing? No, they are not. There are lot’s of other strategies and tools you can use, and that’s what I’ll be covering in this next part.

I don’t own a blog, Can I still make money from Affiliate Marketing?

Definitely you can, E-mail and Optins were just one of the strategies. If you don’t own a blog, just go for the leadpages with jvzoo integration, or clickfunnel and you can stack up some real high cash on your table.

Because leadpages can be hosted even without the need of a blog, all you need to do is, drive the visitors to your leadpage, and give them a strong reason to click the buy button. Ofcourse it depends on your creativity and intellect, but trust me when I say it, it’s not hard.

Just get any domain name, host your Leadpage with it, and start selling.

What are Lead Pages?

In the simplest possible way, I can define this for you as- specifically designed pages to collect e-mails , or any certain kind of info for something specific in return.

They are pages which generate leads for you, period.

The best example, ( working example ofcourse ) is from Neil Patel.


See? How he’s taking in visitors, as permanent readers by the means of offering a  webinar. Well yes you can argue, that he’s Neil Patel so everyone would be interested, but that’s not exactly the case.

He’s using lead pages because they’re working, just working in general, for everyone.

Because, you can use it for anything and everything. Webinars, emails, event invites, or just free give-aways, just about anything. So there’s always something, you can offer everyone, right?

How important are landing pages?

Well, Hubspot says 48% of marketers create a new landing page for every new campaign or project.

Having a landing page, tells people absolutely instantly what the page is about, for eg. Neil patel on Quicksprout has this landing page:-


So even you had no idea what Quicksprout was, you got an idea that it’s probably a cool SEO agency or firm that can skyrocket your traffic, right? Wasn’t that your first impression?

And well according to IonInteractive, impressions are formed in less then 1/20th of the first second !!!!! So don’t you want yours, to be a solid one?

Why they convert better?

You might have a blog, and it might have all the topics from SEO to content marketing to fashion and what not. But well, a landing page has one specific purpose. It has something unique to offer you, and the uniqueness lies in how great you can craft the words. ( Don’t worry, that’s why I’m here for .)

Okay so you know what Landing pages are, and why they’re important by now, right? Now should we move on to what a great landing page should consist of?

Aspects of a High Converting Landing Page:


Well, if you’re among those guys who hate when videos and other stuff popup on a really important page, then you’re going to love this part.

When you arrive on a page, you don’t exactly want it to throw up a lot of images and videos wanting to be clicked, right? What do you want? A simple page, that tells you what it’s offering, and how to get it, isn’t it?

You can see this from Neil’s Quicksprout Landing page, or as I like to call it:- No bullshit Page.

Also, because Page speed is a direct metric factor, isn’t it? So keeping it simple, keeps it on the right track, both for the users, and Google.


Have I gone mad? Just couple seconds ago, I was insisting on a text only page, and now I’m all in for videos?

Well, the point is you need to understand what you needs are, what kind of traffic you’re generating and what’s the best way to get them to subscribe to you.

As I always say, there’s no definite way to “internet marketing”, so it’s good to not keep all your eggs in the same basket.

Videos are long ? Heavy ? Who watches videos ? Well, if these are your thoughts, you’re definitely wrong, here’s what an “About Page” on Blog Tyrant looks like, and trust me Blog Tyrant is doing super awesome with his conversions.


Okay so if you’re going for “video landing pages”, What kind exactly should the video be? Right?

Short:- Yes, although videos explain better then text, who do you think has time to sit on his chair and watch your 2hour long introduction?

Infact, according to VideoBrwery, your videos should should be shorter then 5 minutes, in order to be watched till the end.

In addition to all of these factors, a lot of other things matter too:-

  • The looks of the page.
  • Placement of your CTA button ( The button that people click , for eg – Yes sign me up, kinds).
  • Page length, etc.

Let’s get you a real life example, I went out and searched for a term,

The first Google result took me to this page:


Now I’d say it’s a pretty cool, and effective landing page. Why?

Well because they do have a video, but it’s optional, cool right? No annoyance. Secondly, they’ve images and pictures of people they’ve trained, so directly proving that they’re good at what they do. Also, they’ve that “extreme trust factor” that they grabbed by showing the Logos of brands like Microsoft, right?

The page instantly tells you “just go for them”. 

Placement of your CTA: It literally doesn’t matter where you palce them, just make sure it’s near to the forms, and its distinctly visible. And it points out to ther users, exactly what they’ll be getting by clicking the link

Page Length- Well there’s a lot of psychology  behind the “length:conversion” ration. So,  ConversionVerve did a research on it, and they found that “short” pages, convert much better then long ones.

landing page length

So did you get an idea? What your LandingPage should look like?

So Bottomline? 

  • Use Good colors.
  • Use Good text in the CTA button.
  • Place the button near the forms.
  • Keep the post Short and simple.
  • Try to use only images, and if you’re going for videos keep them below 5minutes.

Building a Landing Page:

Design, does matter.

You need to make sure your page doesn’t look like it’s trying to scare the visitors away, and it needs to be relevant, both to the users and the search engines, so here’s an awesome “all in one pic” by that will explain to you how exactly your Landing page should look like:-

anatomy landingpagee

  • Relevant Headline:- Well as I always say, Headlines are the first, and most important part of a post, or page. Infact, you can have a look at my recent guide, well above 3000 words that explained everything you’d need to know to craft out the perfect possible headline for your page. Okay so the point is keep your page headline relevant to the keyword which you’re targeting. For eg if text used for the link is “On Page SEO checklist”, then the page headline shouldn’t be “buy cheap shoes”. It’ll be a mess.
  • The Supporting Tagline:- For eg. The headline is just a headline, it might not be long enough to describe everything, so use a crafty tagline to support and explain better what you are offering. For eg. On Quicksprout, Neil uses:- “Quick Sprout is the easiest way for you to make better content so your audience and traffic continue to grow.”
  • CTA button:- The ultimate goal is to get the CTA clicked, so make sure it’s distinctly visible as I already said, and the “button colour” and the “text colour” are totally opposite each other. So that the text is prominent.

green cta

  • Trust Factor:- It’s one of the most crucial factors, someone just doesn’t give you their email Id’s. You need to convience them, so the best way to increase your trust factors is:-
    •  Testimonials :- Yes, get positive testimonials and reviews from other’s who’ve subscribed and can vouch for you. Nothing works better then this.
    • Brands:- If you or your company has ever worked even in the slightest possible manner with a big brand out there, don’t be shy. Go out and put the logo, the first 1/20th impression second will be ruled by that without a doubt.

How to Create a Lead Page:-

I’ll be using two tools, one is a WordPress plugin, the other is the industry Leader, LeadPages. I’ve used two tools in order to get you more options, and a variety on your budget, so go with anyone you like but trust me it’s one of the best ROI investments you’ll ever make.

From the above section you already know why you should be going for Leadpages, right? So let me give you a detailed insight into another tool the WpProfitBuilder, , which I’ll also be using to create the LeadPage here.

So why WpProfitBuilder? Well just because it literally is the easiest lead pages creation tool on the internet, and if you’re just starting up, and dont have the budget to go with Leadpages, then WpProfitBuilder should definitely be your choice.

Go over and get WpProfitBuilder. And then install it on your WordPress blog just like any other plugin.

So after that, you will get a sidebar option, saying WpProfitBuilder  on your left sidebar of the WordPress dashboard, click on it and go to the template management section.


On the next screen you’re greeted with awesome, cool free landing page templates so just choose the one that you like best and click on it.


Alright, so now let’s work on creating a page for your landing page. From your Wpsidebar, click on Pages, and then Add new page in order to create a new page


Okay so once you get to the new page screen, at the bottom right of the screen you’ll find the templates option, change it to profitbuilderfullwidthtemplate and now publish the page.

After you’ve done that, you’d want to click on the “ProfitBuilder” option at the top, and then edit page on the screen option.

Well you’re almost done ( don’t be shocked, I did tell you it was one of the easiest ways to go about creating a squeeze pages, didnt I? )

So for the last part, after clicking the edit page option, you’d be taken to the page editor where you’ll need to upload the template which you got during the initial phase of this section, so just click on the small little folder icon at the top, and click on load template.


On the next tab that popups up , you can choose your template and done, it’s just like uploading any image to any other site so nothing technical there.

You’re all set up ! Just go to your page URL, I mean the page which you created just couple minutes ago and your landing page should be waiting to greet you .

How to Integrate it with your Email client:-

Okay so it’s a two-step basic process, and I’d be using GetResponse for the task,

Why GetReponse?

First because, it has a 30day Risk free trial, means you can get to work right away.

Because in the below section I’ve used Aweber and mailchip with Leadpages, so using the same e-mail client twice doesn’t make sense, as I want to get you maximum options so you can go with atleast one of them because a lot of things comes into play, and the pricing is one of them.

Also you get a Free Trial Account, so why not grab GetResponse right now? You’re not loosing anything, are you?

So okay just sign into your GetResponse Account, click on the CreateForm option.


Now you’ll be greeted with a beautiful interface, here just click on Plaintext/HTML tab, and you’ll get a custom generated code. Click on the copy button to copy this code.


Now back in your WpProfitBuilder, just edit your CTA text, which might be anything like “Subscribe”, “Buy now” or anything, and paste this code which you just copied there:


And you’re all set. Now the landing page subscribers will be added to your GetResponse list 🙂

Below, there’s another super-awesome and high profile Leadpage creation tool, and you should definitely give it a look if you have couple extra bucks to spare.

If not, then just go out and grab this one time payment, super easy to use landing page creator that goes by the name of WpProfitBuilder.

Why should you go with LeadPages:

Leadpages is your best option to go about creating High converting lead pages, if you’re really serious about your “money-list”.

Okay so, Why Leadpages?

Well because, Leadpages is an industry leader in Lead Page creation, simple. But I know, why should you take my word for it, right? So here’s a full feature list for you:-

  • Responsive:- The pages created with LeadPages are 100% responsive, and can be accessed from any device.
  • Leadboxes:- Leadpages has this awesome LeadBoxes feature, boxes which you can set to popup whenever your visitors click on a certain element , like an image, a text or just your CTA button. ( Remember that “yellow box targeted giveaway strategy I was talking about? You can just use a LeadBox to popup and grab their mails, when they click that yellow box link, so no “extra page redirection” required ! ) They’re like normal Email optin popups, but they come up only when someone clicks something.
  • And a lot of other Unique, proven ways. Trust me, I can’t even list all of them here if I wish to.

For eg. here’s a screenshot of the kind of templates, that are already pre-deigned for you. You can ofcourse create your own templates and designs, but just if you’re low on the creativity side, or just lazy, then you don’t have to be disappointed, these templates are just the perfectest fit for any kind of project.


And the best part about the designing is:

  •  You can design templates in seconds, with just Drag&Drop.
  • And a lot of cool and awesome fonts are there to make your page totally stand out .
  • Not just that, even integrating with any mail client like Aweber is a walk in the park.
  • You get pre-designed Thankyou , Email Confirmation or other such cool pages .
  • Custom designed Icons to add to the uniqueness.
  • Special Highlighting feature.

Not Convinced enough? Well Nancy Jutten can vouch for it. Who is she? She is the one who made two 5 figure product launches in 6 months ! That’s like atleast 20000$ in 6 months, not bad right?

Not Convinced yet? Well, you dont own a blog, even then you can generate $ with LeadPages. Because it’s 100% possible to integrate it with Facebook too !

And well there’s even a 30day Moneyback guarantee. If all of these features can’t convince you to get it right now, I don’t know what will.

But if you indeed are among the “knowledgeable” few, then here’s a link for you to grab LeadPages right now!

Okay so you got the Email Subscribers, but that’s not enough right? How to turn them into potential money resources? How to get them to get your product and actually make some revenue for you?That’s what the upcoming section is going to cover.

Alright so now let’s work on creating a LeadPage, where you can collect your visitors emails.

Cause as the old saying goes, the money is in the list.

Creating a Lead page and Integrating it with a Aweber

I’m covering how you can integrate it with Aweber, because it’s definitely the first choice if you want a reliable service, but don’t worry if you’re a bit tight on the budget . I’ve also included how you can integrate it with mailchimp in the next section.

Well yes Aweber is a paid too, but if you rush, you can get a Free Aweber account right now !

This section goes in an upward- down kind of direction, first we will integrate your LeadPage account with Aweber, and then actually crate the leadpage.

Okay so first of all, Login to your leadpage account, and click on My account:


Now go with the integrations options


On the next screen, click on the “aweber” option, to choose it as your mail client.


The next screen is pretty simple, just click on the connect to aweber button.


Now this screen is which actually connects your leadpages and aweber accounts, so on this next screen enter your Aweber account id and password, and click on Allow access. 


Congratulations, you just connected your Aweber with the Leadpages account. Now let’s work on setting up the page, right?

Login to your LeadPages account ,See that Templates option at the top? Yeah click on that,


Now you’ll be taken to the vast sea of Leadpage templates, just go with any one of them, which fits your needs and desires the best.


Well on the next page, it’s a good thing if you let lead pages know the industry in which in you’ll be using your leadpage, although this is optional. So if you wish to, choose the appropriate industry or just click on “No thanks I’d rather not say” button.


The next page would get you a view of your landing page, now on the CTA button, hover over it and then click on “Click for opt in form”. Well, you do want to collect user data, don’t you?


Now a sidebar would make its appearance, choose “aweber” as the email client from this sidebar, and ignore the warning that pops up saying that your page is not connected with your email client, it doesn’t mean anything.


So you’re technically done,yes your leadpage is all ready and setup to start making money for you, don’t worry I’ll be covering that part in detail later in this article. let’s move on to the last part, that’s thanking the users.  ( It’s important, trust me ).

To set up the Thank you page, from the sidebar instead of clicking on “integration” this time, click on “thank you page” option, by default it’s the page that you’ve set up as your default thankyou page, ( Incase you did set up one, while integrating aweber with OptinMonster during initial part of this post) if not, then just keep reading.


Now, it’s easy as a walk in the park, just set your thakyou page URL in the next screen and you’re all set.


Now you only need to click the okay button, and go take a nap.


Ah Don’t worry, it’s easier then any other step above, LeadPages can be integrated with WordPress or even facebook with extreme ease. Just like we did in the mailchimp section, it’s exactly the same:-


How to integrate LeadPages with MailChimp

I was just now talking about Aweber, right? Then why Mailchimp now? Well because mailchimp is free, and if you’re just starting out, you might not want to go for a totally pro kind of program, and as far as starting out is concerned, Mailchimp does the task quite well too.

Well for that you need to login to your MailChimp account. ( It’s free ).

Now, you need to create a new list on your MailChimp, that you can do by clicking the create list button.


Now, fill in the details on this page, and click save.


Now you’ve saved your list, good, now let’s work on getting the API key of your list.

So proceed to your “Account” tab, on the top right corner, ( remember we did this during the Optinmonster part ), then click on the “extras” tab > Api Keys> create keys.


So you already know what to do right? Copy the API key, and go back to your leadpages account.

Click on  My Accounts , and then click Integration> MailChimp


Now, paste your API into mailchimp API token box.


Ah you’re all set, so now you have a LeadPage , and it’s integrated with your Email client.

Okay so once you’ve edited the page up to your likings, you need to get it live right?

Well Leadpages has a lot of options for that,


  1. Via  When using this option your URLs will be hosted on LeadPages itself, with their domain in the URL, i.e., (where ‘sample’ is the account name/subdomain that you selected when you created your LeadPages account).
  2. Via your WordPress website:  LeadPages comes with a free LeadPages WordPress Connector Plugin, which you can use to publish your LeadPage on your WordPress website. In this instance, you can assign your own page name, i.e., All you need to do is, just download the plugin, and upload it on your wordpress dashboard.
  3. Via Facebook:  LeadPages gives you the ability to publish your LeadPage to your Facebook Fanpage with a few simple clicks. (Due to a Facebook limitation, you can only publish one LeadPage per Facebook page).
  4. Via your own server:  This is technically the easiest option, you get a HTML page for your landing page, you just need to upload it and it’s all set. You don’t need WordPress or any other CMS.

Affiliate Marketing with Jvzoo : Finding the right prooducts

Well if you’re going about email marketing, and landing pages stuff, then Jvzoo is definitely your best friend. Why? Well, because Jvzoo hosts digital download products, you can get someone to signup with your email marketing and landing page tactics, then it’s easier to pitch him a download, then to pitch him a physical sale.

So technically, Jvzoo is an affiliate marketplace, where you can find thousands of products , to market to your visitors.

What can you sell?

Well Jvzoo has an extremely extensive list of products, so I’m pretty sure you’d find something that suits your techniques and niche.


But well , it’s not always easy finding really “worth your time” products, that actually pay, so that’s what I’ll be covering here.

Okay so all you need to do is, signup on Jvzoo. It’s free, and takes less then 2 minutes to complete the whole process.

Once you signup, you can either go to sleep, or start hunting for really high potential products, I’m guessing you don’t want to sleep right? So yeah let’s get down to work,

How to find most profitable Jvzoo Products:

Okay So I want you to go to the Affiliates, and then the “find products” section.


On this next screen, choose your category, or enter any specified keyword and you’ll get a long list of products. ( Don’t be excited just yet , there’s a whole lot of science behind choosing the right product ).


Okay so you saw a lot of products, but which one to go for and make sure that you it’s actually helpful? And that it doesn’t ruin your , or your brand reputation? Well I’ve got an answer to that, with the products, their are some “factors” listed on top right? I’ll explain each one of them for you,


Okay so I’ve numbered the factors, and in the same sequence as in the image, I’m explaining them to here, just pay close attention.

  • 1. It’s the Product age. So, you need to be looking for a preferably older product. But, (yes there’s a but ) just the age doesn’t do the trick, you need to make sure that it actually did receive enough sales in the time span, to be worth your time.
  • 2. Check how many times a product has been sold, and in what time-frame. For eg. selling 10,000 times in 10 years isn’t as good as selling 10,000 in one year, right? So make sure the “launch:sale” ratio is good.
  • 3.This is the conversion rate of other affiliates, so if it’s high it means it’s in demand and working for others, so why not give it a try? So try to get a product with high conversion rate.
  • 4. Okay this is just a “ratio” kind of thing, between the “price and traffic” which you send to the page. In short, it’s the amount of money you’re likely to earn for the traffic you send to the sales page.
  • 5. You know what price is right? So why is this listed as the average price? Well it’s because, that sale funnel might have “more” then one product, and the commission and price for each product will be different, so it’s a calculated average price of whatever the product is. Like a rough average of all the products in that funnel. It’s not exactly something you can control, so just try to find a product with a reasonable price that you can sell.
  • 6. This is the commission rate, and it’s the % that you’ll be getting for each sale, simple.
  • 7.Refunds: It’s the % of refunds the product has proceed, the simple thing is, never get a product with high refund rates. It’s bad both for your financial status as you loose the commission if it happens, and also because it kills the people’s trust in you.
  • 8. See those “green double arrows” ? They mean a recurring payment for you. Means, you’ll be paid on a continuous basis and not just once. What this means for you? “GOOD DEAL”. Try to get products with these arrows ( ofcourse they need to have other factors strong enough too. )

So now you know a almost everything that is there, to know about Jvzoo product science. so here’s just a bonus tip for you to find even better offers.

On the top, click on (Or hover on, whatever you like ) the “marketplace” option and you’ll get this beautiful list.


Now click on “top sellers” option, and you’ll get the below list. These are the products that have been sold the max numbers of times during the day, or the previous day.


No wait, just don’t go about any product, instead look for products that have maintained the sale pace for more then one day, for eg. the products which I’ve highlighted in black boxes, have managed to maintain the position for more then one days, so these kind of products are your best bets.

So clicking on the top product, I was led to this page, and it’s pretty interesting. The product is priced at only around 20$ ( so it’s affordable ), and the payout is as high as 50% ! And it’s “top product” so it means it’s definatley worth your time, and that’s how you filter out the best of them.


So now just hit Jvzoo, get the product that you think you or your brand can market, and start making $.

Well there still are couple things I wanted to add, but this post is already 7000 words long, I think it’s a better option if I create a seperate post for :-

  • A guide on creating a landing page with Jvzoo.
  • Pitching the email.
  • Getting the sale done.

So for now, just get a Jvzoo account and choose out the products you’d like to market, and subscribe to my mailing list so I can update you when the next guide is live.

Wrapping It Up:-

So the bottom line is, Email marketing does work .

And that’s why all the industry leaders are into it, now what  this post exactly was about ? Email marketing works, and everybody knows it , right?

Well this post was about Why most email marketing campaigns fail. And the result? You get lot’s of mouths saying “it doesn’t just work”. Well probably, they couldn’t just make it work.

I tried to cover every basic step, on how to setup OptinMonster or Leadpages, and integrate them with various email clients.

It’s clear, Neil is making a lot of money from it, Brian is making a lot of money from it, and if you’ve the concept that they’re making it a success only because they are authoritative, then you’re wrong. And that’s why I included the story of Nancy Jutten, who started from scratch and made over 20K$ in 5months.

Couple days back, I shared a screenshot on my social media, where I suddenly, out of the blue received a bonus amount of 5% on my total sales amount  , well although that didn’t happen overnight, I was with the guy’s product for over 2 years, but all I’m saying through this screenshot is, affiliate marketing does pay, and it pays a lot if done the right way.

If you invested your time reading this, I’d be honored to hear from you, feedback, or even criticism is most welcome. If there was something that you didn’t understand , or something more you’d like to add I’d happily do it. Or just leave a comment if you read it, just anything, it’s a pleasure to hear from you guys.

And I think you can imagine the time and research it takes to write a 7000words long post, would you do me a favor? Take 2 seconds out of your busy life, and do share this post, would be greatly appreciated.

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