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13 Blog Promotion Strategies that generated me 5Khits and 1K+shares.

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If your last Google search was anywhere near “promote my blog”. Then you’ve landed exactly where you should.

Well, this guide is focused on what strategies some of the Biggest Fishes in the town use, to generate and increase their social presence.  ( And How I did too ).

Well just in order to give you a reason to read through whole of this post, here’s What I got after using these strategies, in around a time span of 3 days.


As you can see, on December 20th, I had the highest hits ( and it was the second most profitable day in the whole year as well ).

And well here’s the thing that I always insist upon, you don’t need a thousand hits a day to make a good descent fat wallet, I mean if you’re capable of converting 10sales from your 1,000 hits, its much better then converting 5 sales from you 2000 hits, isn’t it?

Infact I was happy to find Derek with such a strategy because it had a lot of things parallel with my own, we both focus not on A LOT OF CONTENT creation, but on content that generates revenue for us, and value for people.

Okay so Back to the topic, How should you promote your blog post in order to generate a traffic and Shares hike?

In this post, I’ll be compiling the real life case studies of some big fishes like Neil Patel, Derek Halpern , Darren Rowse etc. Don’t worry I’ll be including my own strategies and results too .

Also In this Article I’ll be using lot’s of images and Data from other sources, specially Neil Patel, both in order to show their efficiency and results so I’m stating this before hand that some of the data and charts are not of my own. ( Well Neil Taught me it’s better to borrow from authoritative sources sometimes 😛 )

1. Time Splitting:-

What use is it, if you’re creating 7 blogposts a week, and still it isn’t getting as much traffic as it should ? Yes ofcourse working on your On page & Off Page SEO will improve your traffic, but what if you don’t have the patience to wait for months, or years?

Well in that case, according to Derek Halpern from SocialTriggers, you need to focus more of your time on Social Promotion and less on Content creation.

Promote blog posts

It also matches with the SkyScrapper technique from Brian Dean. If you have just one, really high quality content, then promoting it, and getting it the exposure does the trick better than, going on creating other not so important posts.

Here’s what Derek says about his use of this particular Strategy ( And if you’re friends with me on Facebook and twitter, you’ll notice it’s very much similar to what I use, although I didn’t read or copy him , it’s just a “common successful strategy, period.” )

If you spend time writing a piece of content, and that content only gets 1,000 readers, chances are there are one million other people in the world who can benefit from what you wrote.

Why, then, would you spend more time creating content when you already have something that your ideal customers can benefit from?

So see? Don’t you still see it? YOU don’t, DONT need a lot of random hits, you just need particular hits, of potential customers , who’re ready to buy what you’re selling, and actually benefit from it. Even if the number is not “thousands a day” .

Why “Content is King” is Misunderstood:-

Every big guy out there, including Neil and Darren and Derek still preach “content is king”. And most bloggers be like- Let’s post a post daily on our blog, and we’ll be millionaires.

Well, you won’t be I can promise you that.

What they actually mean by saying content is king, is that, Quality Content is king, and not the Quantity of the content. Do you know Brian Dean publishes only around 30 blogposts, in the whole YEAR? And Derek around 2 in a month, and Derek still managed to get 25K Subscribers in the year.

( Trust me, in the next section I’ll explain how getting 25K subscribers is much more valuable than getting 25K$ ).

Okay So you’re getting the point, aren’t you? Publish the “BEST” Content . Just copying or stealing someone’s post doesn’t work now. You need real, in depth research, and hell lot of time to create a single blog post.  ( As you can see, my last blog post was the interview with Erik Emanuelli, and it was around 7 days back, so it took me roughly 6 days to research, formulate and publish this single blog post ).

As right now I’m talking about Social Shares, let’s work on..

How to get More Social Shares and a better Presence:

I won’t go into the details here, As I’m sure you’re very much capable of making heads and tails of the points yourselves, but still I’ll list some of the best strategies that have worked for me so far.

  • Multiple social shares: When you share your post for the first time on Social media, there are lot’s of factors that come into play. The day, date  & time of the share. And even how the page looks!  In case you’re worried about the looks, you should checkout this awesome Content builder, Thrive content Builder Review on Before Buy Reviews!
  • Number of people actually active on the platform at that exact time etc.

So in order to explain why sharing multiple times on Social media is a good option, here’s another illustration from Neil :-

Multiple times

2. Email OutReach:-

I’ve spoken lot’s of times on the importance of having a Email list, but I’m sure most of you reading this still haven’t started building yours yet. ( Well, your choice anyway ).

Email lists are one of the best ways, to generate Direct hits, and acquire potential customers. Why?

Well, if you’re getting a user from your Email list, he already knows you. He knows that you know what you’re talking about, so it’s easier for you to pitch a sale to him, rather then trying to sell your product to an organic hit.  ( Strange? Well I generate more than 60% of my sales from Direct hits- Emails, Targeted traffic, focused Acquisition ).

Here’s the traffic Neil generated in a month, back in 2013 using “only” the emails.


And here’s the traffic I got on 27th of December, is it too low? Well, I lost my email list recently due to a huge migration ( And because of my stupidity too, A lesson learnt though ) so now my email list comprises of only 341 Subscribers as of today. ( So considering 27 actually opened the email, and landed on the site aint too bad ).

Email email

So well Start building your Email List now. It’s one of the biggest promotional strategies any marketer has used, ever.

Tools I’d recommend:-

You’d notice, that the tools I’m recommending here aren’t affiliate linked, so I’m listing them here purely on experience basis.

  • Hello Bar by Neil Patel. : Two reasons to go with it. First, it’s free. Second it’s by the “I’m kind of big deal” guy. And trust me, if you ego says ” Why should I go with it only because it’s a Neil Patel product”, ask yourself the same question when you’re applying some of his strategies on your blog next time.

Damn , this post is kindaa getting ( Promote Neil Patel ) types haha but no, trust me I doubt he even knows I exist, and even though he has helped me a lot, people like him have a lot of other important things to remember then a guy like me, so no He didn’t pay me to write this post up.

Not Satisfied yet? Here are some other reasons to go with Hello Bar:-

  • It doesn’t eat up your speed like most other Third party plugins out there.
  • Totally customizable, color, text box.
  • Neil Understand the science of Customer acquisition, so even in the free  version you can customize when you want to appear it to your users, and for how many times.
  • Awesome features like “thanks you page” redirection.
  • Looks great on Mobile too. ( Now tell me, how many free plugins give you so many premium features? )

Mobile version hello bar

So now if you’re even the least bit satisfied with it ( you’ll definitely be totally satisfied once you check it out ), here’s how to Install HelloBar on your WordPress Blog:-

  • Head over to HelloBar. And Sign in, or Log in.

hello bar

  • Then you’ll be redirected to an awesome looking interactive dashboard like the below screenshot. Click on create new:-


  • In this next step, you’ll be redirected to choose your Goal. In my case, I’m choosing Grow your mailing list, you can choose anything. If you want that “Full Page Like button” that appears on, you should go with Grow your likes option.
  • Okay so once you’ve chosen your goal, you can customize the text , colours and style. And trust me, it’s another reason Why I love HelloBar. so many premium features, at a price of 0$ .

Just click on the styles, and the previews will pop up in the right preview pane, and here’s a collection of different styles available with Hello Bar.


  • Okay so just customize your HelloBar as you wish, and then click on Save and Publish. Now let’s move on to the Installation.
  • Click on the Settings tab, and then on the Installation Instructions.
  • Click the “I use WordPress” tab. And you’ll get a Downloadable file.


  • Download it, and upload this in your WordPress Plugins Sections.  ( If you still are confused, ping me in the comments, always here to help. )

Okay so that’s it, Build your Email list using either Hello Bar, optinMonster or SumoMe. ( I’m using all three, but the best results were from HelloBar and that’s the reason that I went deep only about it ).

3. Reach out to Influencers:-

Influencers are people like Neil, Jeff, Mohammad, Derek etc, who have an established authority over the internet on their Niche.

Why should you reach out to influencers:-

  • A single share from an influencers, creates a lot of Buzz over platforms like BuzzSumo, and without knowing it, you’re blog traffic is going on a surf ride.
  • Shares by Influencers also count as a ranking metric directly to search engines. If you can get an influencers to share your article ( which they only will, if the quality of the content is awesome ) , then the post has a greater chance of ranking on google without much of your back-end Hardwork.
  • Establishes you as an authority. Why will Neil Patel share an copycats post? Ofcourse he won’t right? For him to share something, the post really needs to have some quality, and when he does share something, his fan base gets introduced to you, and you’re established as an authority among them.

How to get influencers to engage:-

1. Interviews-

I’ve myself found it to be one of the best strategies. Yes, the Best. Here’s why:-

  • Interviews are shared by the influencers themselves, and thus you’re getting lot’s of traffic from their fan-base, and as they’ve an established reputation, your blog gains a SERP boost.
  • Backlinks:– Ever imagined how would a in–text Backlink from Neil Patel, Darren Rowse or Erik Emanuelli would look like? Well I got one recently, from Erik. How ? I interviewed him.
  • Not only that, the interview I had with Mohammad ( refer to the next section for better understanding ), generated me 600+ BuzzSumo Shares in less than a WEEK !



  • They expand your own knowledge. My main focus of the questions it to motivate my readers, and not let them quit. Many times I get lot’s of questions on Why I dont ask people on “hot topics” like their strategies, or their special tools. Well, I dont because I believe, their success story, their motivation matters more. All of their strategies and tools have been shared by them on other blog posts too, but those tools and strategies would work only if you’re motivated, and willing to work. So it acts as a motivation to me too.

3.1 Mentions & roundups:-

Another great way to reach them is, mention them in your post. I mean don’t just mention them, put value in the mention. For eg. after I publish this post, I’m going to reach out to Derek and Neil and let them know that I quoted their lines, and data in this post .

( Trust me, It was not my intention till just 5 seconds ago, but just now I thought it might be a good thing to do myself ).

Here’s how Neil Patel does it:- ( Lol I’m Kidding , Neil doesn’t need to reach out to them, people reach out to him. But this is what I’d suggest if you’re not Neil Patel and probably what he did when he was just starting out.).

Neil Patel

3.2 Roundups:-

Ever saw one of those posts, like – 40 Experts share their views on The next update. Or maybe 12 Industry leaders explain…. ?

Well yeah, those are roundups. Where people of importance and experience are asked about a specific question or problem, and they all share their views on it.

For eg. I was featured on this roundup by Philip Ariel – where the bloggers were asked about our Greatest failures, and success stories. See, even un-intentionally, I just gave Philip a backlink and mentioned him here right?

It might not count as a lot, as I’m not someone as important as Neil or Derek or Darren or Erik or someone else, but the point is, this is how it works. You get them to engage on your roundups and they’ll link back to you, or atleast mention you whenever possible.

benifits of influencer shares

Okay so How to get featured on Roundups:-

In my case, Philip reached out to me, but it might not be the case everytime. So how would you get yourself in a roundup? Well here’s a nice little tactic i’m sharing.

  • Head over to DropMyLink
  • Complete their 10 second signup process. ( free ).
  • Now key in your keyword and select weekly link roundup . ( the other options don’t work as well, this is the best option ).

affiliate marketing

  • And you will be taken to a google Search page, with a lot of roundup links. So click on any of them, most relevant to your niche.

link roundup

Alright, now let’s get to work on promoting your blog, or any certain blogpost.

Make sure the blog post is unique, detailed and actually helpful and not just another copy-pasted stuff off the internet.

  • Now, find the Contact us page of the blog, or atleast the Owner’s Email. The contact us page is mostly available, if for some reasons it isn’t. Then just move to some other search result.
  • So once you find the contact us page, this is the most crucial part: Pitching them the Email.
  • Don’t worry I’m posting a proven Email template that you can use to get included in the roundup, but make sure you send the email from a professional email id. And not just another thing.

email template




My Story:-

My first ever interview was with Mohammad, from . I’ve been following him since the last 5 years, and the greatest thing about him is, he’s making 7 figures a month, “without” paying a penny for any servers. Means, he is on blogger platform, and not on WordPress. ( Yes, that’s possible)

Also, it was probably the most detailed interview of “any” blogger in the world . As he wrote me a total of 5000+ word answers. I ofcourse genuinely respect him not only because of his Talent, but also because he was the first figure who introduced me to this world.

Okay talks aside, that interview itself gave me 2500hits on the next day of its publication, and an Alexa boost from 70,000 to 18000. How?

  • Mohammad is an Influencer, being more than 7 years in this industry and being well-known to almost every other guy out there.
  • Mohammad has a GREAT fan base, so once he shared the interview, it almost went viral.
  • The greatest thing That any guy out there could do, and the reason Why I started respecting the guy a thousand times more was, he “sponsored” the interview on Facebook ads. While he had 0 profits for him, neither did I ask him to do so.

See? Still not convinced about the “interview” thing? Well then I subsequently went out and asked the Affiliate Marketing God Jeff Bullas for an interview, which took time, in the mean time I interviewed Erik Emanualli from NoPasiveIncome 

Ofcourse I got to learn a lot from these interviews myself, and on a financial ground, all of these 3 interviews generated me around $685  combined( approx as of today ).

I’ll soon be publishing the case study on “how” exactly you can monetize your interviews but the point is, trust me Interviews are another great thing to expose your blog to the outer hemisphere.

4. Direct approach to promoting your Blogposts:-

1 . Post title:-

What is the first part, about your article that anyone reads? The Headline.

If your headline isn’t compelling enough, you won’t ever get a click on the post, so it wont ever be read, and it wont ever get promoted or the exposure you are seeking.

So in this part, let’s work on crafting a irresistible blog headline.

  • Keep it Short and Direct:- A simple example is our post on “5 Epic content Marketing Strategies”  . See? It’s short, & it’s direct. So anyone interested in “content Marketing” should click on the title.
  • Numbers:- Numbers, Numbers, Numbers, they’re like the magnet of CTR rates. First of all, you need numbers in a post. For eg. the above post on 5 content marketing strategies. And the second aspect, you need larger numbers. For eg . our this post on 300+ Social Bookmarking Sites list.  People are like, 300 ??? Wow that’s worth checking out.
  • Negative Words:  “ No, You’re going your SEO wrong“. Is definatly a more impactful headline then “6 Things you might be missing in SEO” right?
  • The Personalisation formula by Neil Patel:-


If you are too lazy, or too dumb here are some awesome Free tools for you to craft out the perfect Headline for you.

#1: -Hubspot Idea Generator:

Blog promotion Strategy

And it will get you Awesome blog headline ideas.

#2: Potent Idea Generator:-

  • Just head to their homepage.
  • Key in your Subject & you’ll get some nice juicy ideas. (You can keep refreshing untill you’re satisfied ).
  • It’s my favorite as it almost follows Neil’s formula of Adjective and personification .

portent idea generator tools

5. Social Media Optimization:-

For your content to be really shareable it needs to be well optimized for social media. Well it’s a big story so i’ve written a complete detailed post on creating Social media rich snippets for Facebook and Twitter and you should definitely check it out.

6. Passive Shares Strategy:-

In this part, I’ll be sharing some direct tools and tactics, that bring about the maximum shares, engagement and exposure of your blog post.

1.Sumo Me

SumoMe is one of my favorite Social engaging tool after  Hello Bar. Did you notice my “How I generated 4300$ in Revenue” full screen pop up? i’m sure you did, that’s SumoMe in action.

Well but here I’ll explain the Floating Sharebar of SumoMe and it’s potential. Just to make it clear to you, I’ll start using this specific feature from today, right now and you should see the results.

Okay so Head over to the Sumo Me Homepage.

Install SumoMe as per your CMS ( Either WordPress or Blogger ). The installation process is extremely easy.

After that head over to the SumoStore icon.

SumoStoreNow Scroll down a bit to the “Sharing” Section, and click on the Share module.


Now just click on the “Free” button and it’ll automatically be installed. See? Was easy, wasn’t it?\

Using this same Strategy, Robbie Richards hit the 3K share mark on a SINGLE blog post !! Isn’t that big?


You can totally customize it, according to your needs, but by default the settings are more than preferable so I’d say don’t mess with them unless you got lot’s of spare time.


Would you please hit the Share button on the left  side, on your favorite platform? This guide took me around 50 hours in research, and that’s all I’m asking for “. ( BUT DO IT, only if you learnt atleast 1 new strategy, tactic or element from this post, or else just tell me you didn’t in the comments ).

2. Scoop It:-

Well Scoop it is a platform, most of you aren’t ( still ) using to its full potential.

Scoop it is the perfect platform, to explode your post Exposure. Why?

Well its like a platform where people share their favorite articles and pieces on the internet. There are people with thousands of followers, so if you can get them to share your article, your article is going Boom. Why?

( Thousands of direct hits = atleast couple hundred Email optins  = atleast  50 conversions = roughly $2500 from a SINGLE BLOG POST ).

Okay so Head over to ScoopIt. Signup or Login.

Now in the search box, enter the keyword to which your post is relevant . For eg :-


And now find someone with influence. For eg :-


See? 600K+ views, Great exposure, right? Now let’s suggest your post to them. Head over to their ScoopIt page, and place in your URL.


Here’s what happens , Brian has 600K followers, now just sit back and imagine the potential hits once the content is shared?

But still the bottom line is, Content Quality is King. No one would share your article or post if it doesn’t have the quality expected from it. Why do you think I’m writing this 5000 words long guide? So that I can actually provide you some value, and not just bullshit that you can get from anywhere.

From this Scoopit Strategy itself, I was able to generate around 100 hits on the next day of the publication of the Interview with Mohammad .


3. Tweriod:-


Well Thanks to Robbie for introducing me to this awesome tool.

Suppose you share a facebook post at 3 in the morning, man, Who gives a shit? By the time they wake up and log in to their accounts, your post will be buried deep by the later updates of their friends .

So it’s of utmost importance, to monitor the best time to Tweet or share your next blog post isn’t it?

How would you do that? You can’t just call Mark Zuckerburg and be like –” Hey Mark, how’s you man? Hey would you mind scanning through your data and telling me when most people are online” ?

So well that’s when Tweriod comes into play. It’s a tool, well free tool to be specific, that tells you when is the best time to tweet. And guess what, it gives you a personal report, meaning it’s not just any general data, instead it analyses your followers specifically, and DM’s you the data on when is YOUR  best time to tweet something.




Okay so now Concluding it up, the strategies discussed above were not like “Go create backlinks” or “Spend 1000$ for promotion”, instead they were strategically tested, and proven methods, and they’re not always easy to implement I agree. ( Like getting an influencer interview , or Getting a share from them ).


Having a really awesome piece of content, can really do the magic. I mean then, even the influencers would share your content and would love to be interviewed by you, because they know you’re not just another bullshit-copy paster.

Individually, alone, these tactics might not be of much influence. As you can see each tactic only gets me around 100 hits. But Combined together, the strategy are capable of generating thousands of hits and shares, on a single blog post.  I got 2.5K hits the first day, and it’s adding up everyday, ( even by little margin, but growth is growth ).

So Bottom line:- Quality Content Is King.

Can you do me a favor?

  • Share the post if you liked it, it helps.( What will it cost you? )
  • Leave me feedback, about your experience with the post. Even if it’s negative, I’d love it. Like, if the images are n’t loading, the text isn’t good or anything of that sort.

I love to hear from you guys, I can’t explain how much, but I do. Infact I’ve learnt a lot from your feedbacks themselves . So don’t save them up, hit the keyboards.

Attribution:- Some of the Charts, Data, Screenshots and Graphics are not a property of VebbLabbs, or me. They are properties of their respected owners, specifically- Neil Patel , Derek Hapherns and Robbie Richards.  And have been included here only for reference and better understanding of the strategies. 


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    1. admin says:

      Yes it was being sent to the spam thing philip 🙂
      btw thanks for your precious comment, and time to put so many words together 🙂

      1. Philip Verghese Ariel says:

        Hi Evan I am a bit happy!
        But sad, I am sure my earlier comment was the first comment in this post, pl check it again if time permits anyways this time you brought it back from the HELL!! LOL
        Have a good day
        ~ Philip

  16. Dev Pandey says:

    Hi Evan,

    The article is superb. And i have also subscribed to your email list as well..:)
    You have covered very good points which can be collected only after detailed analysis and i must say, this is what we call a quality content is king..:)

    Thanks for sharing this post!

    1. admin says:

      Thanks a lot for those words Dev 🙂 Hope it helped 🙂

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