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Interview with Erik Emanuelli |He failed, he learnt and He Conquered,

interview with Erik Emanuelli

What’s a better way to start the new year then an interview with a motivation in soul?

Here’s a motivational interview with Erik, well motivational in the sense that I don’t believe in asking “how to save yourself from the next penguin update” kind of questions.

Rather, an interaction which inspires you, motivates you and doesn’t let you quit is what I try to achieve with Every interview here on VebbLabbs , and I’m sure Erik is a huge dose of Motivation in himself ūüôā

You don’t need an introduction for sure, but just for the sake of tradition, try to introduce yourself Erik.

I’m Erik Emanuelli, a professional blogger, freelance writer and social media marketer. I started my online journey back in 2010 and making money with internet since then. I run several websites with different business models. Many know me for my main blog¬†NoPassiveIncome, but I recently purchased a site that is used to be very popular:¬†Reviewz’n’Tips

1.How long have you been blogging? ( Starting from the 1st day of you touching a blogger platform)

I created my first site with Blogger in June 2010 and after just three months I switched to a self-hosted WordPress blog.

2. Have you ever failed at blogging? 

Sure, more than once.

For example, this was my very first property (now no longer active), and I made several mistakes with it. Just to mention some:

– I purchased “thousands of high ranking backlinks” with Fiverr like sites;

– I spammed on social media the same blog post many times during a few hours;

– I copied and pasted content of other websites.

If I look back at that time, I think that it was good I made all those mistakes, because I learned a lot from them.

Evan here:- Just interrupting for couple seconds, if you guys look back at the Recent interviews, specially to that of Mohammad Ahmedzai, from Mybloggertricks, you‚Äôd be amazed that ‚Äúfailure‚ÄĚ was a crucial part of every big 6 figure guy out there.

Also make sure you¬†don’t commit one of the mistakes Erik did with his initial venture.

3.What was the hardest challenge of being a Blogger in your life?

The language. From the day one, I decided to blog not in my native language (Italian), but in English, to be able to reach the levels of the most popular bloggers.

I’m still learning and refining my skills, but I’m satisfied of the¬†knowledge I reached today.

4. What kept you motivated during the hardest times of your B-Career?

I always loved the freedom of working online and, by nature, I’m very stubborn. I worked (and still work) very hard to reach my goals. Today, I’m happy to be my own boss and have achieved the economic stability.

5. What were the advantages, that you got when you started blogging , that might not be so easy now?

I’d say that blogging today is becoming a dream of¬†more and more people and back in 2010, there were around¬†200 million of sites on the internet. In 2015, we almost reached 1 billion.

I still believe there are a lot of opportunities on the internet. This is the main reason online business will be always full of competition.

6. What is the hardest part about being a blogger, that you might still face today? And how do you overcome it?

The “technical” part. ¬†I learned by myself how to manage the cPanel of my hosting, together with studying how to use WordPress and related plugins.

Since more than one year, I’ve a whole dedicated server for my sites and I still need to learn much about the “WHM” panel.

I just take my time and decide, by priorities, which is the most important thing to learn first. Step by step, day by day, I keep improving that “technical” skill, which I lack.

7. How many blogs to you own in total? Are they all the same niche?

I prefer not to mention how many blogs I own in total.¬†I can tell it’s a two-digit number.

And of course not, they are all in different niche. I also test various business and monetization models, because I believe in diversification, which is one of two general techniques for reducing investment risk.

8. Do you think you need a group , or community or high profile contacts in the field before you can succeed, or the One man blogger army like you is possible for any body out there? 

When I started blogging, I thought I just needed myself to reach success. Wrong.

I learned how relationships in business (as well in life) are important to improve your possibilities to succeed.

9. Is it possible to make money from a totally new blog or do you think only old bloggers have that profit?

I guess it all depends on the niche and the amount of work you put into it.

Also, innovative ideas make the difference. Right now, podcasting is becoming the new way of blogging and there are many possibilities of profit.

Or if you are good at writing, you can sell your freelance skill from day one.

Fantasy with pragmatism plays an important role here.

10. What are some of the benefits of being on “blogger” you would like to share?¬†

I love the freedom of blogging, managing the amount of hours you work online each week and choosing when to take holidays.

Also, I believe in the immense growth potential of a business with the internet.

Act small, but think big!

11. For someone who has just started blogging, which platform would you recommend him to choose? Blogger, or WordPress?

If they have¬†those few dollars needed to start with a self-hosted WordPress, it’s the best way to go, in my opinion.

With Blogger you will never own your site, it will be always under Google property.

12. Many people have the concept that Blogging is dead, it’s not easy to be a successful blogger. What would you comment on this?¬†

Being a very pragmatic person, I can imagine how frustrating can be blogging without receiving in return the proper economic compensation.

There are so many possibilities to make money online, but you need to understand what actually work for you.

So I strongly suggest to start blogging, while still having a main source of income, e.g. your job.

When you reach a certain level of economic stability with your activities on the internet, you can decide to leave your main employment.

13. What are some of the best strategies or tactics, to grow a newbie blog from your point of view?

Using the right tools.

There are some premium (and not) services you can use to boost your results, both in terms of marketing, monetization or traffic.

I suggest JustRetweet, ViralContentBuzz, MyBlogU for getting traffic and social shares, HootSuite for managing your social media accounts, BuySellAds, Doz, Izea, RankSider or SeedingUp (just to mention some) as monetization opportunities.

14. How many posts a day do you think are needed to make an impact on a new blog?

It all depends on how many posts you are able to write constantly.

It makes no sense to write 3 posts a day for a whole week, the stop for 10 days, then writing again 1 posts a day for two weeks, and then quit again.

You need to be constant and stick with your publishing rate.

It can be one or two posts every week, but instead of focusing on quantity, invest your time in producing high quality and targeted content for your audience.

15. Newbies are often confused, and in the process waste a lot of money on servers and stuff like that. With your experience, which is the best hosting provider to go for on a new blog.

I use¬†HostGator. I’m a happy customer since 2010. I started with a shared account and, as already mentioned, I switched directly to a dedicated server, since one year already.

I enjoy the loading speed of my pages and the fast response of the hosting. Assistance is great. I use the online chat and I get my issues resolved in less than 15 minutes.

16.What is the one SOLIDEST advice you would like to give to the millions of struggling bloggers out there? 

Don’t quit. Success may be around the corner the moment you decide to stop blogging.

Be consistent. I believe one of the main reasons of my success is behind my stubbornness and consistency in continuing to invest time and energies in my online properties.

17. As of today, how many figures do you grab off the internet? Asking because money is the greatest motivator ūüôā

I don’t feel comfortable in sharing exactly how much I earn from my online properties.

But I can say I make enough to pay my bills, finance my hobbies and passions, and still saving something each month.

Evan Here:- From as much as I know Erik, he is making 6figures a month in the least ( haha sorry for disclosing it ).

Thankyou for your Time Erik.

It has been a pleasure to connect with you, you don’t really come out in the limelight still you’re doing such impressive work and changing the lives of thousands indirectly.

I’m sure it was a huge motivational dose for all my readers here, thanks for taking the time to read it, would you like to add some tips or just your thoughts after reading it? I’d love to hear them .

2 thoughts on “Interview with Erik Emanuelli |He failed, he learnt and He Conquered,”

  1. Rajeesh Nair says:

    Hi Evan,

    That was a wonderful interview of Erik. I have been following both his personal and professional blog for sometime now and I have seen the blogs grow.

    He is truly a visionary and a true role model for newbie bloggers as he established himself in the midst of top bloggers like Patt Flynn, John Chow, Zac Johnson, Stephen Haws etc.

    I would like to recommend the newbie bloggers or developing bloggers to follow him and learn from what he learned through blogging and niche marketing.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful interview with us.

    1. admin says:

      Glad that it was helpful Rajeesh ūüôā Yes he indeed is a role model and that’s the reason I shared it here ūüôā
      Do checkback soon another awesome interviews are on the way ūüôā

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