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How to get more twitter followers Instantly|And Increase Sales and revenue.

Get more twitter followers (1)

Twitter is one of the prime Social Media platforms right now, isn’t it?

And so, this guide is dedicated to how you can leverage it to gain free twitter followers instantly  and drive more traffic, conversion and sales to your blog.

And by instantly, I do mean, instantly. So the more followers you have, the more potential customers you got.

If you are thinking, how the hell can someone following me on twitter, make me money, then keep reading.

Infact twitter is a immense sale and revenue funnel that most marketers aren’t using. Don’t believe me? This is official statistics from Twitter.

Now if you just place your number of followers to the above data, just imagine how much of money you are just leaving out there? And once you’ve finished that calculation, how about calculating the billions of twitter users out there? Getting the picture? Yup, that’s what I’m talking about, Millions of dollars, from your twitter funnel.

And no, you don’t need to invest millions to make millions, not in this guide atleast. All you need is time, and the right approach.

Okay so one of the prime targets of yours, if you want to make money from your twitter funnel, should be increasing your followers, the question is, how to increase Twitter followers right? And even in doing so, how to do it instantly. You surely don’t want to wait 10 years before you grab 10K followers right?

Before continuing, I’d say you should have a look at – Social Media Optimization Guide.  There too, I’ve included some really tough, working strategies to get more Twitter followers for free.

Well before going into what works, let me tell you what won’t work for you. Specially, if you want to have a constant revenue funnel from your twitter profile, and not just the “statistics” in the dashboard:

  • Buy Twitter followers. I mean, don’t ever buy. IF you do, you’ll only get the numbers, and a big hole in your pocket.

Okay so here’s the basic, and one of the most effective strategies I’d say you should follow to increase your twitter followers Instantly.

  • Login to your Twitter account.
  • Get to any of your competitor’s profile.
  • Check his followers tab.
  • And follow 50-100 of his followers.

Do this daily, and on every 3rd day, go to a free tool like Crowdfire.

increase twitter followers instantly

You’ll get something like the above screen. The above screen is from my recent followers section. I grabbed 19 followers in around 6hours, not bad right?

But you need to work with the “non follower” section, click on it. And then select “newest first”. It will show you all the people who didn’t follow you back.

Remember the 3 days window I talked about? It was to give these people ample time to follow you back, if they don’t follow you back even after 3 days. Crowdfire makes it extremely easy to unfollow them with a single click.

get free twitter followers

Do this for next 2 months, trust me your twitter following will Skyrocket.

Will talk about converting these into customers later, for now let’s talk about some other strategies because there do exist a lot of them to get more twitter followers.

Here are some of the basic tips to increase twitter followers instantly.

1. Follow button:

This is an exceptionally awesome option ofcourse, but it needs to have you good organic traffic. The point is, just like Neil Patel grabbed around 1Million likes from 0 in around 4 months, by adding the auto like box full screen popup, similarly you can add a follow button to your blog too, and if the traffic is good enough, you’re gonna get a hike to your followers count.

To add the twitter follow button, go here.

2. Collaboration:

People won’t just find you themselves right? You need to tell them you exist. So join conversations relevant to your niche. For eg. #blogger #seo or something of that sort, retweet, answer questions and stuff.

This gives you an exposure, and creates a sense about your industry and expertise to other people on that page, and thus you’re sure to get a traffic hike.


3. Promote your username

You sure do have a Facebook account, right? So it’s a must for you to have a facebook cover pic too. Why not utilize the free 851pixels of space from the multi-billion user community to get yourself some more followers and sales ah?

On your cover page , try including your twitter username. That way, every friend that you add, is likely to land on your twitter too because you are literally telling him your address. Or you can also add a personalized line along with the username, like- “Hey, check me out, Yes I too use twitter”.

These kind of lines are proven to increase your chances by atleast 32%.

Okay so enough with “how to get more followers on twitter” stuff, let’s talk about how to pitch them a product.

One of the first steps, I’d say you should take after grabbing the person is, welcome him. Yes, talk to him, don’t worry, it’ll actually be helpful to you I’ll show you how.

Hit CrowdFireApp again.

On your dashboard, click on the automate button.

automate revenue sales

And click on the option to send automatic DM to new followers. Make the welcome message somewhat like the below message.


And, include a link to your free ebook. ( In case you don’t have one, promoting someone’s else’s e-book works too, all you need to concern yourselves with are the “emails”.

Here, this is my current inbox statistics, check the timing. In around 1 hour I was able to grab around 7 new followers. Multiply it with 15-20 hours, 140 followers a day.

get more twitter followers

Let’s do a little calculation:

Say you grab 25-30Followers a day. Atleast 10 of them would be eager for your E-book, so technically you are getting 10 Emails a day.

In the month, you’re getting 300 Emails, now just imagine with the right strategies and tools who’s stopping you from making 50 sales ( in the “least” ) each month?

And if you can choose the right sources ( yup, which products you promote has a lot to do with your financial situation, infact that’s what I’ll discuss in my next webinar ) , say an affiliate that pays 70-80$ per sale. Multiply it with 50.

Easy 4000$ right? And this is the amount considering the worst marketing strategy you’ve used, and the least possible sales you can make.

Of, if you are not really feeling like offering an e-book and collecting emails, you can just redirect them to your site, and then collect the -mail using OptinMonster or any other E-mail popup client.

Over to you:

This has been a really short post, probably my shortest, only 1200 words most probably. But I’m trying the “quality, not quantity” gig here. The point is, if you focus even only on the crowdfire strategy hard enough, you are sure to get more twitter followers.

And then, you can convert them into sales. I always say you don’t need millions of hits a day to make a million$ right? This is what I actually mean. Trust me, if you can convert even 5 followers into customers every day, you’d be successful then more than 85% of the online bloggers, because? As Neil Patel says, most sites don’t convert at all.

I started writing this post yesterday, but had to stretch it on so completing it today, in the last 48hours, I made good enough dough for myself right? Yes not all the sales were from twitter followers, to be exact only 3 sales were from Twitter, but still that’s not a bad data.


The best strategy I’ve found for myself was ( is ), the crowdfireapp to get more twitter followers. Let me know what works best for you? The comments box is all yours.

Special: As it’s NewYear again, you can probably take a look at how we made 4000$+ with my last year’s EventBlog ( totally mindblowing strategies I promise. )

12 thoughts on “How to get more twitter followers Instantly|And Increase Sales and revenue.”

  1. Mayphee donald says:

    200$ in 2 days, not bad Evan.
    Can you teach exactly the strategies used by you?

    1. admin says:

      Sure MaYphee, that’s what I offer in the private hangout classes. You can mail me for that. 🙂
      Glad you liked it, ping me if you need help along the way 🙂

  2. Philip Verghese Ariel says:

    Hi Evan,
    Nice to be here today,
    I am here via your facebook notification.
    Yes, this is for the first time on your page!
    Good to know that you have an amazing site with lot of information.
    Hey, the point you mentioned in this post is really good, worth trying! LOL
    Thanks for sharing this information
    Keep sharing
    May you have a good and profitable day
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip

    1. admin says:

      Glad to have you here Philip,
      And better yet you liked the article.

      Thank you for the feedback, hope the article helps 🙂

  3. Rajeesh Nair says:

    Hey Evan,

    The moment I saw the title of the post, I was a bit curious to know, how exactly can one make money out of twitter followers. Will it be promoting a campaign based tweet from a brand? I was wondering…

    However, it was a surprise to see how one can make the best out of new followers he/she earns from twitter… This is amazing stuff and I will definitely give it a try to see how it works out for me…

    I was already looking for a strategy to promote my eBooks with the right audience and I believe this will work out the most…

    Thanks for sharing…

    1. admin says:

      Exactly Rajesh,
      Most people don’t use these platforms to their fullest of potentials 🙂
      Glad you liked it 🙂

  4. Nimesh says:

    Wow , Awesome post …. Well explained and i understood everything . Thanks 🙂

    1. admin says:

      Glad you liked it Nimesh 🙂

  5. Shafiq Ur Rahman says:

    Very nice post, I will use your point to grab more follower.

    1. admin says:

      Glad you found it useful bro.
      Would be greaet if you let us know of your future results.

  6. Umair Akram says:

    Hi! Evan,

    I think it’s my first visit to your blog and the first thing I want to say as a feedback about your blog is “Awesome”….

    I landed on your post from a Link you’ve posted on my blogs Page Update.

    You have just shared a great secret to grow Twitter followers.

    But I personally disagree with that Automated DM feature of Crowdfire…

    Maybe this can help to grow your followers, but you can’t make connections with them and they don’t truly follow what you tweets in your twitter handle…

    then, why someone want to grow just only the numbers, if they don’t help him growing the traffic.

    I agree with you that Twitter is a great source of Traffic that Converts…

    And a Marketer have no love for a specific social media platform, all the love is for Traffic, Conversions and sales.

    So, Twitter is my first choice to get Traffic that can make profit…

    FB Sucks! 🙂 I can be Wrong, but this is what I think! 🙂

    Sharing this Valuable blog post with my Twitter followers!

    ~ Umair

    1. admin says:

      I think it’s not correct that You can’t connect with your followers that you gained via CrowdFire Umair.
      I always reply back to each and every new follower and this further helps me develop an awesome connection over time 🙂
      Thanks for your reply ad feedback Umair glad to have you here.

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