Browse By 2016 Review:-Make Money Without a Website!

Shorte.St Review:- Make Money While You Sleep! Review 2016. Shorten Link and Earn Money. Like, real cash.
Well, let me be honest. Yeah this is a review, and yes I'm 100% trying to get you to signup at! (It's free) So if you've already prejudiced against me, you can leave. 
Although, I'd say if you do consider reading this review to the end, you can be looking at a minimum of $50-100 extra cash, every month, forever!


​Who should be reading this article?

  • If You Won't mind some extra cash every month. (Without Working, I mean it.)
  • If you can invest 5-10Minutes in total in a month for Shortest
  • If you aren't a Millionaire yet.

I like being honest about whatever I write here, so let me make it bold for you, will make money for you, it definately will.

And It makes you instant money, meaning you can start making money from the minute you finish reading this article, yeah no more waiting 6-10 months to get a glimpse of the dollar flowing in.

​Although, let me also make it clear to you that it won't make you a Millionaire, or it isn't your "quite my job" thing! 

So Is it worth it? If 80-100$ (actually, the potential's unlimited, I'm just quoting the minimum figures in case not to exaggerate things) matter to you, then yeah it is.


What is is a URL shortener, a platform that let's you shorten your URL's and make money in the process!

In plain English, it makes your Http:// URL look something like
See? Pretty short!

And it Pays you for getting the short URL's clicked.

So What? There are so many other URL shorteners!  


Agreed! So why am I writing this review about and not maybe Adfly or something else? Well has reasons for getting this special treatment! 

  • Instant Money. You can start rolling in cash from this moment on!
  • Super High Payout Rates.
  • Three Different Payment Methods.
  • You don't need a Website! 
  • Manually verified Premium Ads only.
  • Intermediary Page used for Ads, your site never comes up, so no reputation hazzard!
  • 10+ More Reasons...

How to Make Money Using seems desperate to make money for you. As I already said, it won't make you a millionaire overnight, but then again I don't think anything in the world does so.

What it does is, it makes money for you. Small chunks of money, which add up overtime to make it into a sustainable income for you. So see? I'm showing you the larger picture here. 


So let me get you an insight into how the money actually flows in. 

URL Shortening:-

Nothing like rocket science over here. It's simple, you login to and you'll get the URL shortening bar at the top.
Just Enter your long URL in that and it'll get you a shorter version.


Now share this URL anywhere you want, Social Media, Emails or just about any place and get paid, simple as that.
So see? I wasn't lying about "you don't need a website" thing. The end goal is to get the link clicked, so even popular Forums and groups would do! 


Website Scripts:-


Yeah, you don't need a website to make money with! But if you do have one, your revenue will just hit the skies! has advanced Website scripts, that can turn your whole website into a money making monster! Yeah, all you have to do is, Copy-paste the script on your website, and sitback!
Now you'll start receiving cash for every single visitor who lands on your site! 

Worried that it might harm your reputation? I mean the ads popping up everytime a visitor lands
Well you won't believe what has in store for you. And trust me this "professionalism" at made me write this review.
Cause I knew I'd be promoting something that's worth promoting.

So yeah it has Exit Intent, that pops the ads up only when the user is leaving your site.

It also has Timing customizations, so you make the ad come up only after a certain amount of time.

It has Caping Capabilities to trigger the ads only at certain actions and events performed by the visitors.
So professionalism? Well that's at it's best. Your site won't frustrate your visitors because you can customize the ad behavior to the core! 


Just look at the above screenshot! This thing is overloaded with features you can't ignore!




If you know me, or my blog, you probably know I'm mostly the Affiliates guy, right?
And trust me I wouldn't write this piece if lacked this one feature! But it didn't.

I won't make things hard for you, it's simple. You refer someone, and you get paid 20% of whatever that guy makes, for every month.

Let me give you a picture. It might not make you a million dollars but, say you refer 10 friends, who make $50 every month. (which is extremely easy and totally achievable with's high commission rates) That's $500  in total for them. 
Now what's 20% of it? It's 100$ for you, for free, every month! 

Could this get any better?


How much Does Pay?


Let me be frank here, it's not fixed how much you're going to get paid with per click.
Because, it depends on lot's of factors. But, let me give you an average idea, huh? 

It's around $10.80/1000 clicks! Now just imagine, is it hard getting 1000 clicks on an awesome product in a forum or group or on your website?

And take my word for it,these are industry leading payouts if compared with other URL shorteners out there.

How do You Get Paid on


You Choose! Well yeah, has as many as three different payment methods! 

  • Paypal.
  • Payoneer
  • WebMoney

So you just name it, and will send the money right to you.


Final Words:-


All you have to do is, Shorten URL's
We all use URL's 24X7, don't we? Why not make some money out of it? 

Just shorten them, and spread them any place you want! You'll see the cash roll in.  More of a Marketing guy? Go with their affiliate program! Got a website? They've got website scripts too! 

(Bonus Tip:- They even let you make money from your "Bounce rate" & Even "Comments on Blogger Blogs", nope I won't tell you how, you've got to check that out yourselves! (Yeah let's keep the suspense up, huh?) 

So in short, they've every single reason for you to join them! What are you waiting for? It's free to join (for now atleast).

  • Payouts
  • Features
  • User Friendliness

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