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Enable Facebook Replies on comments on Profile Status’s.

Please share [facebook] [gplus] [twitter] [linkedin] [stumbleupon] [digg] Facebook launched COMMENTS on page posts some time back, which is well know ofcourse. Well that helps a lot , you do not need to keep Tagging people in order to talk to them, you can just directly reply to their comments. Also


How the number of blog posts Negatively effect your website. [Exclusive]

Please do Share [facebook] [gplus] [twitter] [linkedin] [stumbleupon] [digg] Every teen out there, starting a new blog, and copying and pasting stuff tries to top the alexa chart is’nt it? Every Pro Blogger like Darren rowse, Harsh Agarwal, and almost everyone over the internet is posting on why to post daily,

Get a approved adsense account. Free

Adsense. Its like the world-cup of Blogging isn’t it. Well the only problem is getting your adsense approved is’nt as easy as it was a decade ago. Probloggers like Darren Rowse and even Matt Cutts, the Google employee himself has admitted that getting an adsense


Flipkart Launches Flipkart First. catching up with Amazon?

Okay, so flipkart recently launched the One day delivery stuff, well that unfortunately did’ng get much of our attention cause amazon already had the service on it since long. So flipkart was just catching up. But maybe this time flipkart is ahead of amazon on


Facebook launches Anonymous Login.

  Is facebook afraid of the new “Cloak” social platform launched by some college students? Well it might seem so as facebook too launched anonymous login feature after it was the spotlight feature of Cloak.   At its F8 developer conference today, Facebook a new


What twitter Actually needs, but doesn’t have yet.

Share: [facebook] [gplus] [twitter] [linkedin] So Its a trending topic ofcourse by now , the new page layout update by twitter. Or wait, its better to call it Page COPY layout. Well anyone from a single look over the new layout can say its a copy from facebook. Why