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BlueMax Capital Review | Trusted Brokers, Across the Globe!


Have you ever been into trading? Or want to be? If yes, then this piece of information is totally for you. In this piece of article, I’m talking about the features of BlueMax Capital. Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to take my word as it is. There are solid reasons for me saying so.

What I’m covering:

  • BlueMax Accounts.
  • BlueMax Base.
  • What does BlueMax has to offer you.

Why to choose BlueMax Capital.

Wait; first of all let’s start with its VAST list of trading accounts available. With BlueMax Capital, you aren’t struck with a single kind of account; instead you get specific accounts for specific needs and budget. Here’s a sneak-peek into what their accounts sound like:-

  • BlueMax – Explorer Account
  • BlueMax – Standard Account
  • BlueMax – Advanced Account
  • BlueMax – Prime Account

Isn’t that like a, really elaborated list? The Explorer account is the most basic one, while the prime is the most advanced level account. So doesn’t matter if you’re a starter or a multi-millionaire trader, BlueMax have solutions for all your needs.

What? You aren’t that multi-millionaire guy out there, it’s cool, their explorer account takes you as an explorer (as the name suggests) of course, and thus it offers you a good start, which consists of the following:-

  • Market Base Execution
  • More than 50+ Pairs to Trade
  • Minimum Trade Size – 0.01
  • Trade Size Increment – 0.01
  • Up to 50 Lots per trade
  • Leverage – 1:500
  • Fifth Decimal – Yes
  • Technical Report – Yes
  • and a lot of other modules..

So in short, it has a lot to offer. And this is only the explorer account. You can’t even imagine the services you’re going to get with the Prime Account.

The BlueMax Base:-

BlueMax is just not any other company out there trying its luck. And it didn’t just get popular because it got lucky. Instead, it has a solid team, and a solid base responsible for its success.

It has a very established base all over the Globe, including:-

  • United Kingdom.
  • Belize
  • HongKong

Why Should you trust BlueMax Capital?

BlueMax is a registered entity and is regulated by IFSC, Belize. It’s a very prestigious honor to get regulated by IFSC Belize. So you need not worry about its legitimacy.

What does BlueMax offer?

Yes, ofcourse BlueMax offers you a trading account, but it doesn’t end there. The accounts you open with BlueMax enable you to start your Forex Trading career right away.

Additionally, it offers an advanced, easy to manage and understand Percent Allocation Management Module (PAMM) too, you can organize, manage, change or do anything you wish to do with the PAMM accounts. How many trading companies offer you a Trading account & the PAMM at the same time?

So technically, with the PAMM’s, you get everything automated, all you have to do is, login and choose your fund manager, that’s pretty easy, and neat right?

Excited already? You can jump in and Signup with BlueMax right now! Or….Wait up, continue reading, It has got a lot more secrets!


Yes, you don’t only get a PAMM account, but instead you can make some crispy, extra $ from it! How?

Well that isn’t hard. You just promote the PAMM to your customers or friends, and make money through their affiliate program. ! Cool huh?

So thinking what’s more is that. Is it? BlueMax doesn’t forget its good friends. So if a PAMM client joins BlueMax PAMM Program through you, BlueMax keeps sending you monthly recurring commissions! Now just try to name some trading companies which pay you each month!

Oh hey wait, it doesn’t end even here! Their PAMM Affiliate program is pretty advanced, how advanced? Well, they have a 3 tier Affiliate network! Meaning, you refer a friend, and you get monthly commission for that, but if your friend refers someone else, you extra commissions for each referral done even by your friend!

Still not satisfied? Here’s why to choose BlueMax Capital

BlueMax for sure has the perfect platform, no matter who you are; a Trader, an investor or a Partner!

Okay let me start keeping in mind that you’re a Trader, let me tell why should you choose BlueMax Capital. Well, here’s a long list for you:-

  • Regulated Broker
  • Tight Spread
  • Leverage upto 500 times
  • Fast ECN Execution
  • MT4 Platform
  • Mobile Trading
  • Free Training for Freshers
  • Free Non Repainting Indicators
  • Free Trading Strategies
  • Easy Funding & Quick Withdrawal
  • Free Coding of Automatic Trading Softwares
  • Access to Advanced Traders Room
  • Get Daily Market Updates via BlueMax Mobile App
  • Dedicated Account Manager for quick support
  • Ah, not a Trader? What if you were an Investor?

Fund Management Solution

100% Transparency – Trade done in your own account and every day you receive your accounts trading statement by email.

No Lock in Period – There is no capital lock in period. You can withdraw anytime as you wish.

Quality Fund Managers – Fund managers are choose after thorough analysis. After scrutinizing with minimum of 6 month track record in many aspects like Maximum drawdown, Profit consistency, Risk/Reward ratio, Winning ratio, Strategy, Discipline Trade Management etc…

2 Years Real Account Proof – You know well, it’s very rare to find the fund managers with track record of at least six month continuously, but here you can able to see their constant performance around 2 years to till date.

Top 10 Fund Managers – Unlike other brokers, they only promote their top 10 fund managers so you don’t have any confusion while choosing.

I know you’re all excited and ready to join BlueMax Capital right now, but wait, I know it’s getting long but there’s still a lot to tell you (And I don’t want to miss this opportunity, ofcourse )

If you aren’t a Trader, or an Investor, rather if you’re just a trading partner, BlueMax has still got pretty impressive features up for you:-

  • Easy Signup
  • Free Marketing Tools
  • Free Official Website
  • Low Cost White Label Setup
  • Free Fund Management Software – MAM/PAMM
  • Dedicated Support
  • Instant Rebates
  • Withdrawal of Commission at any time (min $100)
  • Advanced referral page with tracking and online generation of leads
  • Manager terminal for high level IBs.
  • Assistance in Organizing training classes and events
  • Best marketing support.
  • Free training for your clients.
  • Follow up your leads.

Contest & Rewards.

So technically, it’s an all in one package. It’s pretty clear what does BlueMax Capital has in it to offer you! But…what about the stuff it has already offered to its customers? Why should you just take my words for it? The fact is, you don’t.

BlueMax already has 7300 Traders! 3200+  Investors! and over 160 Partnerships!

Trust me, those are big figures, especially in an industry like that !

Awesome Support and After-sales Team

A good company knows that the real thing starts after pitching the sale. And BlueMax totally values it.

It has a dedicated support team, always up for you, to help you out if you get stuck somewhere, or to solve your queries or just for pretty much anything (Related to BlueMax ofcourse), so the point is, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck anywhere while you are with BlueMax.

Anyone can give you all the features mentioned above, but what they can’t provide you with is, the awesome support, and I mean it. They get you to buy an account, and forget about you, well BlueMax is somewhat opposite to the popular belief, they get you to buy their accounts, and then work with you to achieve your goal.

Overall my BlueMax Capital Review was much satisfied and incomparable with anyone, No Bad Reviews / No Scam.

Final Verdict:-

If you’re a Trader, Investor or Trading partner, BlueMax Capital is definitely the thing with you. Not to boast of its super awesome features, but they are super cool right? If just discussing them, makes this post looks like a “super inflated review”, then I can’t help it, because they do have all of the elements I mentioned above.

No, you don’t need to take a single word of mine for anything I’ve said. Just go out, give it a try, if it’s not worth it you can come blame me later, I’m all yours.

2 thoughts on “BlueMax Capital Review | Trusted Brokers, Across the Globe!”

  1. Vivek says:

    I am using bluemax capital mt4 last 1.5 years. nice service.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks a lot for the positive feedback Vivek 🙂 It counts 🙂

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