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PinPointe Vs GetResponse | My 30days with them!

GetResponse VS poinpointe

If you read my last article on Affiliate Marketing, which was well around 7000 words, you’d have a pretty neat idea by now, about Email Marketing, and the tools and services you’d need to use them.

I thought, it’s a good thing on my part, to include a detailed guide out here, on how & why to use GetResponse, the ultimate Email Marketing godfather, for your next Email Marketing campaign.

Okay, first things first, does Email even work? I mean, do you ever just go out and buy a product off your Email inbox? I don’t think so, but…guess what?

Not only Email marketing is totally alive, but it’s also one of the most direct and profitable possible ways, to pitch your product to the clients. Checkout my guide on Affiliate marketing and you’d have a pretty neat idea for me saying so.

So for this piece of article, I’d be taking you on a voyage, comparing the two Email Marketing giants, and comparing them. ie. PinPointe
VS  GetResponse, and then you can be the judge, of who is the winner of “worth your time” contest !

Pinpointe VS GetResponse. My 30days with PinPointe & GetResponse.

Pinpointe, is an automated Email Marketing tool with the potential to take your Email Marketing thing to a whole new level, specially if you’re the B2B kind of guy . Their client support is OK too, but they could seriously use some interior UI development.

While GetResponse is a potentially more ROI kind of thing, means if you invest in it, there’s a fair chance of you making the money back by the end of the month, I’m explaining exactly why !

I spent 30days, simultaneously working out the Pro’s and cons’ of both the platform for this review, hope it does actually help you out.

The WYSIWYG Editor:-


Pinpointe has this super awesome and cool looking WYSIWYG Editor, so you can literally design your Email template live, see it’s preview and go around using it.

Or, it has the quite long list of the pre-made templates, reducing your work efforts tremendously.

Also, the preview is extremeley advanced, as you know the same Email might take up different looks on Gmail, Yahoo or any other email client, depending on the client, so Pinpointe shows you how it’s gonna look in as many as 50 different Email clients.



So that was how the email template editor from Pinpointe feels like, but if you’re concerned about the GetResponse thing, then well that’s what I’m covering in this section.

comparison review can’t be complete without a proper comparison between two features, simultaneously , so in order to give you a better clear picture of the differences, pro’s and con’s I’m adopting to this style of comparing . So here’s what GetResponse’s template editor has to offer you.

The Email template editor from Getresponse is ofcourse WYSIWYG. So you can edit the email template in real time. The one point where GetResponse beats Pinpointe is that over with Getresponse, you can work on almost every element on the page. Meaning, you can edit the Image size, the rotation and everything.

The basic point is, over with Getresponse you have the control over the elements. Means it’s like you’re working in MS office or photoshop maybe, you can do whatever you want to do with the elements, but this permission is somewhat limited and restricted along with PinPointe.

With GetResponse you’ve over 500 pre-made Email templates, while the number is a bit high with Pinpointe, offering you a 1000+ no. of Email templates, but I personally prefer it only clutters your mind and confuses you, and there isn’t much difference in the variations, while Getresponse gets you a varied, unique and short list.

User Sign up:-


It’s important to pay attention to the ways and means the users have to signup to your email list, right? Everyone might not be up to entering their Email Id manually and twice-checking if it’s correct.

It’s the 21st century, people like “automated” things (Oh yes ! I personally do too). So With GetResponse you get the option of Social Media Signup Integration, meaning your users can signup using their social media accounts too. Here’s what the GetResponse Integration page has to offer you:-

GetResponse integration


While this social media signup option is of utter importance, it’s somewhat missing along the lines of Pinpointe. Probably they might add it later, or they have other plans, but for now they dont let you have a Social Integration.

Delivery Options:-

Both GetResponse and PinPointe let you deliver your Emails via a lot of channels, and this is where both of them are equally lovable, they both let you deliver through:-

  • Email
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Social Network Delivery Options
  • Triggered Campaigns


This again is the arena where GetResponse somewhat  beats Pinpointe. Along with the above listed delivery options, GetResponse also allows you to deliver your love via Video Email Marketing, and again PinPointe doesn’t have that.

Yes, you don’t need Video Email Marketing if you’re a starter, but as it’s a review I’m writing, I just wanted to make sure I enlist every up and down aspect of both of these tools, so that if you suddenly grow up to be an Empire, you don’t have to be disappointed only to find out that u went with PinPointe and now it doesn’t have that option which you need at the moment.

CMS integration:-

GetResponse and PinPointe both know the power of WordPress, or Joomla or just any other CMS that’s popular today. As a matter of fact, more then 25% of today’s global sites are powered by WordPress.

So they made no mistakes with their products, both GetResponse and Pinpointe let you integrate the Email forms, buttons and everything with WordPress or any other CMS.

Landing Page Support:-

My prime focus, and source of $ is Affilaite Marketing as some of you may, or may not know. The point is, I joined GetResponse with the sole idea of creating a landing page.

Cause back in the days when I first entered the world, I was so broke I didn’t have money to go with LeadPages, the point is now that I do have a lead page subscription, it’s amazing to find out that there isn’t much difference between a pro-premium landing page from LeadPage, or GetResponse.

My reason for including this here is, Landing Page can be a really money generating tree for you, if used wisely, but in order to create a landing page, you either have to be a Pro-coder, or a really rich guy (Yes ! Landing pages are expensive)! 

But with GetResponse, you can create a landing page, FREE with your trial account. Now, 30 days of any free landing page, is enough to generate you more then enough profits to go with it’s premium features too.

So the point is:-

  • GetResponse lets you create a Landing page.
  • It let’s you create  a landing page, for Free ! on it’s Trial account.

While, PinPointe totally doesn’t have that feature, meaning you can’t create a landing page with Pinpointe. My point is, if you’re going with any email marketing tool out there, why leave an option out? What if you suddenly feel the need to go with a landing page? What if you have a super awesome idea to make money but you can’t implement because your email client doesn’t support landing pages?

So bottomline? For a Profit based Email marketing campaign, GetResponse’s landing pages are more then what you need.


This is the most important factor you inspect when going with just about anything in life, right? Ofcourse, the thing needs to be cool, feature effective, and at the same time fit in your budget.



PinPointe has a very elaborate and diverse pricing list. And the idea is kinda unique, they let you select your type, & needs and pay accordingly.

For eg. They have the “No. of contacts” plan, which comes with a limited email sends limit. This plan, lets you have a definite number of email subscribers, after which you have to upgrade the plan.

However there is another limitation over this plan, it has a Emails limit, meaning you can send only a specific no. of Emails per month from that account.

Here’s an example, the Basic plan let’s you have 5000 contacts, and 40,000 email sends. So say for eg. you’re sending 1 Email every week, and you have a 5000 subscribers list, so you need to send 4 X 5000 emails every month, right? That’s 20,000 email per month so in that case this plan is perfect for you.

But, if you start sending once a day, or twice a week, then PinPointe’s plans become a bit expensive for you.

The Basic Plan starts from $49/month, with 5000 email list and 40,000 email sends, while the most advanced plan goes as high as $899/month with 20,000 subscribers and unlimited email sends, but unless you’re Neil Patel kind of guy, the Basic, or the second-third tier plans should work fine for you.

  • Basic Plan:- 5000 Subscribers. $49/Mo
  • Second Tier:- 10,000 Contacts , 80,000 sends.
  • Third Tier:- 25,000 Contacts, $150/mo

These three plans are more then enough for you to start up, if you have even a list as big as 10,000 users, you can’t be generating less then $2-3000$ per month, ( Ofcourse you can checkout my 7000 word long, detailed guide on How exactly to make money using an Email List ) 

Now let’s move on the GetResponses Pricings..


I still feel, that inspite of the diversity and variation available with PinPointe, GetResponse is a much simpler, “good for starting up” option for you.

They don’t confuse you, instead it has a simple plan for you.

  • The Email plan, comes with 1000 subscribers and starts as low as $15.
  • While the Pro comes with a 5000 subscribers list option, and it starts from $49/mo only, which I’d say is pretty affordable and gives you a good ROI.

Get a 10% Discount on all plans ! For the Discount, leave a comment in the comment box !

Not only that, the Pro feature also supports the Webinar hosting feature , for the same price as PinPointe, while PinPoint is still lacking that.

Final Verdict:-

Both of the tools are perfectly well suited for your job. They know their tasks well, it’s your choice, needs and budget that makes you go with a certain one.

If you’d ask me, I’d boldly say if you’re just starting out and aren’t making good returns online, then GetResponse would be a much better, simpler, and feature rich product for you.

GetResponse has the potential to get you the ROI you are looking for, while over with PinPointe you might have to struggle a bit at your initial stage.

PinPointe Rating

  • User Experience
  • Features
  • ROI
  • Support

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