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Thrive Content Builder Review & Tutorial:- 3 Free Bonuses Included!

Thrive Content Builder Review 2016!


I  don't generally do reviews over here at VebbLabbs, so technically this is going to be our very first product review and the only reason I'm doing this is because this product really does deserve it.


So there are literally thousands of websites out there, right? But not every website that starts,  makes it to the top list, or a single dime out of it. Well that's what thrive themes does for you.

It gives you something that not every site has, the professional flavor and finishing touch that actually gives your visitors the trust and confidence that they can actually make some money for you.



Yeah, I'm 100% trying to "SELL" thrive Content builder to you. So I won't lie about that.
But, take a second to ponder over why only THRIVE? It's my blog, right? I could've written a review about any damn product, but why did I choose Thrive? 
Trust me, when you take a look at it's features and potential, You'd be like "Shut up and Give me Thrive".

If by the end of this Thrive Themes Content Builder Review you can name me ONE reason why Thrive is not worth your time, I promise I'll consider it and might even delete this review.


So Many Themes and Page Builders Out There, Why Would I Go with Thrive?


A legit question I would say, I mean there are so many themes out there, so many landing page builders , so many lead capture tools I mean you got a second option for everything right?


​Well, so why Am I writing this piece about Thrive Themes? I could've written a review just about any other product, right?
The reason is, Thrive themes is like the all in one solution for all the conversion optimization needs you might ever have.  That too, at the most affordable price ever!

No, I don't want you to buy Thrive right now, not at all. Infact the main reason I'm writing this review is not to get sales, but just because I couldn't contain my excitement when I was overloaded with the features from Thrive. (Infact I might feel happier if you don't buy it, I seriously hate sharing this one tool.)

Okay so, let us take a closer look at why Thrive themes is the one stop solution for all your Content creation and Website Optimization needs.


Content Builder!

Thrive Content Builder Review

I will try to detail out each and every feature from Thrive in the later sections, but for now know this, it revamps your boring web pages to something as attractive as this page!
Yeah, your readers don't just have to read text anymore, they would fall in love with your content, or atleast the looks. 
And I suppose not everyone has a degree in "conversion optimized articles writings", huh? Well that's where the Content builder comes in, and as Bill Gates (World's richest man since last 6+ years, in case you didn't know)  says:- 


If you can't make something "good", Atleast make it look good".

Bill Gates World's Richest Man

Modules Insight into Thrive Content Builder:-

Thrive Themes focuses specifically on Conversion Optimized Content Building, meaning apart form it's fabulous Landing page and Lead Pages builder, it's real weapon of choice is the Content Builder.

And it's also the element I'm in love with, and i'm pretty sure you're going to fall for it too once you checkout the possibilities. So yeah let's take on a ride to ThriveWorld!

Oh hey, don't get too excited, well Thrive has the capability to do that, atleast it happened with me, so make sure you are at peace while reading this, getting information overloaded is no good, right?​

You start with a Sidebar that has all the Elements into it. For a sneak-peek here's a screenshot of what you're getting. Well the screenshot is just a fraction of the features, but still it should do.​

Thrive Content Builder Review

Now, it's not practically possible for me to list out and explain each and every feature thrive has to offer, right? 
No, I'm not exaggerating, Thrive does actually have over 50+ modules, and each module has different versions and styles, that makes it to over 150 separate elements we're talking about.
So instead what I'll do is, I'll just list out my favorite modules, I'm sure they'd be enough to make you jealous.

  • Paragraph/ Text Elements
  • Events Manager.
  • Icons
  • Buttons
  • Custom HTML !
  • Content Revealer
  • Star Rating
  • Quotes
  • Testimonials
  • Call to Action Boxes!
  • Guarantee Box
  • Table of Contents.
  • Animated Data Elements
  • Pricing Tables
  • Animated Countdown Timers
  • Lead Generation Boxes!
  • Pricing Tables! (Check the last section for a Live Demo!)
  • Styled Lists. (Like this one)

And guess what, the above list is like 10% of the total features that Thrive Content Builder holds into it's province.

Paragraph/ Text Elements:-
It is what allows me adding text lines like these with utmost ease! So if you had the slightest doubt if "adding text" would post a problem with Thrive Content builder, well you can kill that doubt right away!

Thrive Themes

I'm Thrive Themes' Testimonial Module,  I'm here to show you how the Testimonials module works! 
Well, this is just one of the possible styles. I'm powered with 6+ different styles, and I say I am awesome!

Oh hey, you've already seen one of the other variations in the the quote from Bill Gates, huh?

Customizing Testimonials
Well thrive not only lets you add Testimonials in the most professional manner possible, it's overloaded with more features then you or me would ever need!
I don't need to explain to you step by step but here's what a General module Customizer at thrive content builder looks like.
Oh and every module has got one of these, with a slight difference in the customizations ofcourse!

In love Already? Get it Right now!


Well yeah this is how the Call to Action module works. Just drag it on the page where you want it, and it's up and running!
Oh and hey, by the way that Buy now button "really" does work, you don't want to miss clicking on it trust me.

Oh hey there are 6+ different Call to action modules you can integrate into your page!


Advanced Customizations:-
Well the modules are just perfect in themselves, yeah they are. But in addition to that, you can customize them just as you wish them to be. 
For eg. here's what the Customization box of the above call to action button looks like.

Thrive content builder review

What if I tell you, you can Get Thrive Content Builder absolutely FREE! 

Well this is an example of the Guarantee Box I was talking about!
And not to brag but, almost every aspect of this module is customizable. (Just like any other module ofcourse). You can see I've set the icon to black colour to match with our Theme colour Scheme!
Can you Really get Thrive Content Builder 100% Free?
Ofcourse you can. Well

Well let me tell you Thrive pays you $33 for every sale you make of it.

And it costs you $64 to buy, right? All you need is 2 simple sales (which I think will be extremely easy for you to get) to make the money back you paid to thrive! 
And after that? You can make money while sleeping! Well yeah because Thrive would still be paying you $33 for each sale you make forever!


Event Managers:-
I was gonna conclude the review but I just couldn't do so without showing you the power of the Event manager module!
You've seen the images Roll in and out and the animations on them huh? Well that's just one of the things the Event manager can do!
Apart from them, it can do quite a lot of things:-

  • Choose when the Event will take place:-
                              a. When the user leaves the page.
                               b. When the user takes his mouse over on a certain module.
                               c. When the element/ module comes on the screen!
  • Animations/ Lightboxes and much more!
    Well yeah, I've selected animations for the above images. But you can also select Lightboxes and other options, so that those will be performed once the trigger is triggered. 
    Well long story short, this is what will keep your readers interested, simple as that.

You Get a Super Professional Landing Page Builder too, Inbuilt, and Free! (Saving your $100/month, Minimum!)


Thrive Content Builder Review

Let's face it, you can't be an Affiliate Marketer, without landing pages, right? Not atleast if you want to unleash the "true" potential of Affiliate Marketing.

Now here's a little calculation, most TOP Indutry leading Landing page builders, cost around $100, PER MONTH! for you to build and use their landing pages!

What if I tell you, Thrive gives you an awesome landing page builder, that's 100% capable of 100% of the things that those other Landing page builders offer, and still doesn't charge you a single extra dollar!

If you're an Affiliate Marketer, or even own your own products. I believe you know the importance of Landing Pages, huh?


You just can't do without them! I mean seriously, they are the life and soul of your Online career!
I will not go into details as I want to make this a review specifically for Thrive Content Builder, but for now know this, with Thrive Themes, you will be getting some of the most advanced Landing Page templates, and elements embedded in them, for exactly 0.00 additional dollars!
(Yeah they come in free with Thrive Content Builder)


Thrive Lead Capture!

Well if you're an Affiliate Marketer, you know the importance of Lead Captures too, right?
Those E-mails are like your golden egg laying goose, so there's no way you can miss not using it.
Well now what makes Thrive special is, most other Tools need an additional package of couple hundred dollars in order to let you integrate Lead Generation Modules into them, but well with Thrive, you get it in-built and totally free!
Thrive has over 10 Lead Capture tools, and not just that, it's bundled with:-

  • 10+ Lead Capture Pages!
  • In-built Thank you Pages.
  • In built Confirmation Pages!

So I'd say you're already looking at savings of atleast $100 compared to other tools.
Well because, those pages aren't included free of cost with every tool, right? And that's what makes Thrive the totally Value for Money thing you've been looking for.
Oh Hey, if you're thinking how hard is it going to be, designing a Email capture page, let me make it simple for you, apart from the pages, you get the following with Thrive Leads Capture!:-

  • Advanced Targeting Options for Super Massive Conversions.
  • 0 Technical Knowledge required. All you've got to do is, Click.
  • A/B Testing. (Well yeah, they are one of the best conversion boosters, ever!)

How Hard is It to Use Thrive Content Builder?

You know how to Drag&Drop your mouse, right? Well that's all you need!
No, I'm not kidding, trust me.

Thrive content builder review

See? I just Select the Module > and Drag it where I want it on the page, simple as that.

Landing Pages
Mind Blowing Modules

Not Everything is "GOOD" about it! 

Final Verdict:- Is Thrive Content Builder Worth your $64?


In a word, I'd say, Definitely.
I don't claim such direct verdicts very often, but I'm more than 100% sure about Thrive. Why?


I am getting 50+ Modules with Thrive. My page is going to get it's Flesh and bones back, my readers are going to enjoy my posts, for what? $64? 
Okay look at it this way, $64 is what you pay for coffee in a month I'd say, right? So don't you think thrive is definitely worth more then a cup of coffee? 
And the best part? Thrive will not only boost your other sales, but infact Thrive itself will keep making you $33/sale, forever !

That's just as good as it gets. It's like even if you don't use thrive ever (Which would be really silly of you), even then you can make atleast $100/month only from this one product ! Because trust me, this tool is up for grabs. Anyone who knows the potential won't miss "not buying it!". 

So yeah, it's making my pages live again, it's getting me Landing pages, Lead Generation tools, and making money for me in the process too? Can it get any better?

Ofcourse it has certain downsides, but I think they are pretty casual ones, and it's features and power far outweighs them. 

So in one line, I'd say if you've read this article completely, and you decide not to go with Thrive, well, Thank you. That's one less competitor for me! But if you did decide to buy it , I'd say welcome abroad, your Marketing and blogging career is just going to get turned in the other direction!


So my Rating? 

More than Just a Content Builder!


  • Content Builder! 
  • Landing Page Builder (with Pre-designed Templates too) - $100/mo with any other tool out there, and you don't even get the Content Builder.
  • Lead Capture Modules! (Minimum of $50/month with other tools, equalling same level of advance options and customizability!)

Single Site

Use it on one single website.

1 user

Get Every Feature

  • Install on One Website
  • Unlimited Support for 1 year
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Use on More then one Website

$64/  Lifetime

No credit card required.

Unlimited Sites

Use on as many sites as you wish.

As many Installs as you wish!

  • Install on Unlimited Websites.
  • Unlimited Updates
  • 1 year Support.

$99 /  Lifetime

No credit card required.

  • Features
  • Affordability- (Combining Content builder-Landing pages-Leads Capture)
  • UI

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