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Tiny Ranker Review 2017. Pocket Friendly SEO Solution.

What's the most important element you need for your online asset's "growth"? Apart from productivity, I'd say it's the "measurement" or analysis of what's working and what's not.

It's no use if you're trying out a new strategy and 6 months later you find out that it didn't work, it didn't work from the start!

So you need to know what's working and what's not. What's your current position, who your competitors are, what keywords you need to target, and only then you'd be able to beat them, isn't that right? (Without target visibility, there's no one for you to beat!)

The only problem is, analyzing those factors with a number of different tools costs a fortune. You'd need four different tools generally:-

  • Keyword Rank Tracker (Costs around $15-20 individually with other tools!)
  • Keyword Checker tool (Cost:- 50-100$ with other companies!)
  • SEO Guy (Around $500 )
  • Competition Analysis tool ($100-$500/month!)

That's where this TinyRanker review comes into action. It's the kind of tool that has all those features for you, and at around 1-2% of the total pricing!

As soon as you read "review", there's this misconception that pops up- "he's trying to sell me a product". Let me tell you, I'm not! Infact Tinyranker has a free 30 day trial period so no one's asking any money out of your pockets in the first place.

TinyRanker Review:- What is Tiny Ranker?

TinyRanker is a "platform" that has within itself almost all the basic as well as advanced solutions for your current or next online project.

As I already mentioned, there are those four primary features you get with TinyRanker, in addition to the other sub-features for these features.

  • Google Rank Tracker
  • On-Page SEO Analysis.
  • Keyword Analysis.
  • Competition Analysis.

So if you were paying separately for a Keyword checker, competitor analysis and rank tracker, it just brings it all under one roof for you at an extremely discounted and negligible rate compared to whatever you might have been paying earlier.​

TinyRanker Review:- Features

Adding a New Site:-

How hard can it be to add a new site to TinyRanker? Unlike Google Analytic and other tools, which require us to copy paste a ton of different code snippets to and fro our websites, adding a site to TinyRanker is rather easy.

All you've got to do is, login to your TinyRanker account, and you can see a "Add a new site" option waiting there for you.

Just enter the URL and select a locale.

Tinyranker REview

Done! Yeah that's all you had to do! There's no second step to it. So as far as "user-experience" goes, I'd rate TinyRanker 5/5 any day of the year.

Then you're taken over to the Add Keywords page, here you can add the keywords you want to track directly.

Or you can click on the ever-present "Add Keywords" button on the top bar to add keywords as well.

Tinyranker REview

Or better yet, if you're out of keyword ideas, TinyRanker pops up some keyword suggestions for you on the right-sidebar along with their monthly searches as you can see.

Once you add your keywords, you're instantly taken over to the keywords'-reports page. Although most results are updated instantly as you can see.

Tinyranker REview

Still the others need some time so let's give them some time to update while we proceed with the other features of this Grammarly Review.

Competition Analysis:-

Competiton Analysis is one of the core features and worth mentioning in this TinyRanker review. The reason why I like it is, it gives me the "Important" and really needed information instead of just throwing away charts and demographics at me which I can't make head or tails of.

You can select the competitors tab from the left sidebar, which would take you to the competitors page.

Tinyranker REview

As you can see my top competitors are pretty dominating and authority sites as the competition is based on the keywords I enter. Anyway the real fun begins when you click on the "find button" of any of your competitors. It gives you an extremely detailed and telescopic data about them.

Review of Tiny Ranker

As you can see, I got the data for "" for every keyword separately.. Here's what this page got me:-

  • My own rankings.
  • The keyword positions for my competitors'.
  • Exact URL's from my competitors.
  • Monthly keyword search volume!

In addition to that, I even got some extra keywords which are related to my niche, but I'm not ranking on. So it's a "two birds single stone" scenario, and the data is pretty easy to understand.


Another feature I'm covering over here in this TinyRanker review is their URLs section. When you click on the URLs tab, you get all the URLs of your site which are ranking for the keywords you entered.

This way you get all your ranking URLs under one roof, and that's not all. Once you click on any specific URL, the next page gives you the SEO for that page, the current Rank of that URL and the change in it.

Review of Tiny Ranker

On Page SEO:-

From the URLs page, when you click on the colored circle, it gives you a detailed On-page analysis of your URL.

Review of Tiny Ranker

As you can see, the circles are color-coded, meaning there are three colors indicating the SEO of the page:-

  • Green:- Good SEO optimization.
  • Yellow:-Meaning the SEO metrics can be improved, although no immediate action is needed.
  • Red:- Meaning you must change the SEO optimization of the page if you want it to rank. It simply means the page has very poor or no SEO.

Detailed SEO Solutions:-

Not just scores, Tinyranker also gets you actionable solutions on your SEO. Covering basically anything and everything that can be optimized easily by yourselves without spending a fortune on SEO guys.

Review of Tiny Ranker

Just imagine the potential if you analyze each and every page with TinyRanker's SEO solution, over time whole of your blog is going to have the perfect possible SEO optimization and that's when you hit the top results.

Site Overview:-

This is the final feature I'm discussing in this TinyRanker review, they got a "Site Overview" tab too which gets you the conclusive, final data about your blog on one single page.

It basically tells you which of your keywords are ranking, what's there position and what's the change they've occurred recently.

TinyRanker Review:- Final Verdict

Now if you ask me, is TinyRanker worth it? I'd say, why not? As you've seen for yourselves, it takes care of more than just one problems at the price of half of any one of them individually!

Review of Tiny Ranker


So see? The starter plan is just for $19! That's less than what I spend on my coffee/month, the only difference is this investment actually has a great ROI which the coffee doesn't!

And who's asking for commitments? Try TinyRanker free for 30 days, and if you aren't absolutely in love with it by then, don't go with it fair and square right?

Do let me know what you think of this little knight in shining armor of mine in the comment boxes! ​

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4 thoughts on “Tiny Ranker Review 2017. Pocket Friendly SEO Solution.”

  1. Rahul Singh says:

    Will it charge me after 30 days?

    1. admin says:

      Nope Rahul, it’s a 100% free platform for the first 30-days! NO Credit card/PayPal details required.

  2. Nisha Devi says:

    I was using Ahref for competition checking they charge me a LOT.Hopefully Tinyranker will solve the problem.

    1. admin says:

      Yes they will 🙂 You’ll love the Interface and data presentation, much less complicated 🙂

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