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Flipkart Launches Flipkart First. catching up with Amazon?


Okay, so flipkart recently launched the One day delivery stuff, well that unfortunately did’ng get much of our attention cause amazon already had the service on it since long. So flipkart was just catching up.

But maybe this time flipkart is ahead of amazon on the tracks. Flipkart launches “Flipkart First” , the service that amazon still lacks, which makes it a step ahead of amazon.

What is Flipkart first?

Its basically just kind of a “booster package”” for Flipkart customers. What this service gives you includes  free shipping (irrespective of order size), one day guaranteed delivery, two months replacement policy, priority service from customer support.

Is it Free?

Well a very basic question isnt it? Well flipkart launched a booster package for this as well, they will be gathering customer Emails, and will be randomly selecting 75000 users who will have it free for the first three months. Well for the rest of unfortunate saps, well got to pay for that.

One thought on “Flipkart Launches Flipkart First. catching up with Amazon?”

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